040. Beef Périgord style. —

A pound of beef in Le Gîte à la Walnut, 200 grams of bacon fat, a small truffle or truffle peels, an onion, salt, pepper, a butter egg, mayonnaise sauce.

Put a piece of butter (as big as an egg) in a casserole when it is brown, put the rack of beef in it, brown it quickly on each side for a few minutes over high heat, taking care to season with salt and pepper.

Beforehand, you have prepared your stuffing as follows: finely chop the bacon fat with

onion and truffle, salt, pepper. Remove the meat from the casserole, put it in a baking dish with the cooking juices. Cook over high heat for about ten minutes. Turn over to the other side, spread the stuffing evenly over the meat, cook for a quarter of an hour and twenty minutes over low heat so that the stuffing can penetrate the meat. To serve. put the meat in the dish, taking care not to damage the stuffing and spread a mayonnaise sauce all around.

041. Norman cheese. —

Curd, orange slices, fresh cream, sugar.

Take curdled milk; put it in a slightly used tea towel, so that the water from the milk passes easily. For one night you let it drain, When it is well drained, strongly sugar what remains in the cloth. Put it in a container, either round or oval, depending on the shape of the cheese you want and turn it over on a plate. You get a beautiful cheese to which you will mix slices of orange. Surround it with fresh cream.

042. Noodle croquettes with ham. —

250 grams of fresh noodles, Béchamel sauce, two egg yolks, 60 grams of grated cheese,

125 grams of lean ham, flour, egg white, oil, breadcrumbs, tomato sauce.

Cook 250 grams of fresh noodles in salted water, drain them and bind them with a little Béchamel sauce, enough. thick; add two egg yolks, season and leave them on the heat for a while, stirring; then add another 60 grams of grated cheese and 125 grams of lean ham cut into fairly thin fillets.

043. Deli Pork Chops. —

Four pork chops, salt, pepper, butter, a tablespoon of vinegar, a shallot, four mushrooms, half a glass of white wine or broth, two tablespoons of capers and gherkins.

Season trimmed and flattened pork chops with salt and pepper and sauté in butter. After cooking, remove chops and keep warm.

Deglaze the pan with a tablespoon of vinegar, add a shallot and three or four chopped mushrooms; wet with half a glass of white wine, broth or water. At the last moment, add two spoonfuls of capers and chopped gherkins to the sauce, and pour it over the chops.

044. Brownie cake. —

80 grams of butter, 80 grams of flour, 130 grams of powdered sugar, two spoonfuls of rum, angelica, candied orange peel or Malaga grape, four egg whites.

Melt 80 grams of butter on the corner of the stove, After removing from the heat, add 80 grams of flour, work with a wooden spatula for about five minutes, add 130 grams of powdered sugar, work this mixture again for five minutes, add two tablespoons of rum or, if you want to make the cake thinner, but less economical, you can put angelica, candied orange peel or chopped Malaga grapes in small pieces.

Raise the four. whisked egg whites. Add them to the mixture. This done, put the preparation in a mold with oiled paper above and below or in small molds in oiled paper or tin. Cook over low heat.

045. Mullets with cream sauce. —

For four people, three mules of about 150 grams, four spoonfuls of fresh cream, 60 grams of butter, a drizzle of vinegar or lemon juice.

Scale, gut the mules, lightly flour them after drying them in a cloth. Fry them in the butter a little brown or in the vegetable, salt, pepper. Arrange them on a platter.

In the remaining butter in the pan, pour cream, vinegar or lemon, heat well (without letting it boil) while stirring with the spoon, pour over the mullets and sprinkle with finely chopped parsley.

046. Leeks in asparagus. —

A bunch of fine leeks, vinaigrette or mayonnaise.

Choose beautiful leeks, remove all the dark green, leave the white and light green in one piece, wash them thoroughly and tie them in small bunches. At this season, when the leek has a strong taste, you must proceed as follows: Cook them for five minutes in boiling water, discard the water and immediately put them back in another boiling salted water where they will finish cooking. To be good, the leeks must be slightly crunchy. Serve on the side a simple vinaigrette or

an economical cream mayonnaise.

047. Sole fillets with Mornay sauce. —

A pound and a half of beautiful soles, a quarter of a liter of white wine, a quarter of grated Gruyère cheese, a quarter of butter and 60 grams of flour.

Skin the soles and then carefully lift the fillets. Boil the debris with the white wine to which a little water has been added, some onions and parsley; let boil for a quarter of an hour, then pass through a fine sieve into a dish, on the corner of the stove, the contents of the saucepan.

Then put in the fillets of sole; they must cook without boiling. When the flesh flexes under your finger, drain them on a baking dish.

Go through this court-bouillon again through a fine sieve, add the gruyère, lastly the butter well kneaded with the flour to form a smooth cream. Add if you want a touch of four spices and pour this cream on the nets well arranged on the dish. Put in the hot oven, ten minutes before serving very hot.

048. Croque-Monsieur. —

90 grams ham, 7o grams grated cheese, eight pieces of bread, butter.

Cut eight thin slices of bread five centimeters square, butter them with fresh butter, introduce

between two slices a piece of ham, of the same size, cover the bottom of a baking dish and sprinkle the grated cheese all over; you put in a moderate oven for twenty minutes.

049. Duck à l'Aveyronnaise. —

A duck, oil, fatty bacon, about twenty small onions, a pinch of herb broth, a pinch of sugar, buttered croutons, marmalade of Reineite apples.

Fry a few fatty bacon bits in a casserole with oil. Add about twenty carefully peeled small onions; when they are golden brown, add a pinch of flour. Cook your duck over very low heat.

Moisten with a herb broth (aromatic broth made of leek, celery, fennel, fresh thyme, etc.) Add a puree of sugar which will give you a useful caramel, both in the bottom of your sauce and in its color, then a shot of red pepper. When ready to serve, debride the duck and baste it with the sauce.

Serve it, surrounded by buttered croutons, but simply buttered, and a warm marmalade of pippin potatoes.

050. Lettuce with ham. —

Four lettuces, two slices of smoked ham, butter, salt, an egg yolk.

Choose four lettuces with a good heart. Tie up and blanch.

Put at the bottom of a saucepan, two slices of smoked ham well streaky with a piece of butter. Arrange the well-drained lettuces on this ham, season (without adding too much salt), cover the

saucepan and simmer for two hours over low heat.

When ready to serve, remove the ham and cut it into as many pieces as there is lettuce on a piece of ham; Bind the sauce with an egg yolk and pour over everything.

051. The grated. —

Four or five good potatoes, two eggs, salt, pepper, a little onion and garlic, half a quarter grated, butter or fat.

Grate several raw potatoes, break two eggs into them, add salt, pepper, a little onion and garlic, as well as grated Swiss cheese and stir everything for a while. Put a small quantity of butter or fat in the frying pan, proceed for the cooking, as for an ordinary omelet; brown and cook on both sides.