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30  01 juin 2024   ..

Today was the premiere of the Critique of the School of Women: “Ah my goodness, yes, cream pie! this is what I noticed earlier; cream pie! …Cream pie, morbleu! cream pie! » And one of the central characters is Urania, the muse of astronomy; weird ? did you say weird? A century ago an article appeared on Herschel and the story of the discovery of Urania which was to be called Georgium Sidus. Different versions of the Critique of the School of Women to download

And since today's edition, a bit nostalgic, mixes hammer, politics, gastronomy, three or four-wheeled carriages, one last nod from Bignole: the release of the album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles was in 1967. Choosing a title is very difficult, so to each their own.

PS: This album was referenced during the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Let's wait for the Parisian zicmu on July 26, 2024, the bets are off: who, what, where?

The three jokes or freedom, equality, sauerkraut, in pictures and music...

Nancy: the prefect is dropped off at the hairdresser's by her chauffeur, who waits for her parked on the pavement... The car had been parked on the pavement for 50 minutes...Since 1ᵉʳ January 2024, the City of Nancy has stepped up video tagging to combat obstructive parking with the installation of 67 cameras. One of them is located a few metres down this street... it's 135 euros minimum (actu.fr)

Video:Because I'm worth it; but for the right to strike, it's tintin. You can't have it all

Music: ‘Les Blaireaux’...

In Nièvre, was the decree on badger hunting drafted by... a hunter? The Nièvre prefecture has authorised the hunt to go ahead... the decree authorising underground hunting was drafted by Florent Ortu, the president of the Nièvre hunting federation... after checking the metadata in the freely accessible file. (france3)

... ‘la chanson du branleur’ (the wanker's song)

the three little pigs... here there are six who are concerned

The prefecture is slaughtering a Chinese pig farm in a forest in the Dordogne... Chinese pigs can breed with wild boars, and produce pigboars, in fact two of the pigs showed signs of hybridization. (francebleu)

...in cartoons: in 1933vignette. Cochonglier or sanglochon (pigboars)


In France, Chinese immigration is declining and remains marked by intimacy (lefigaro.fr)

And Chinese art...?

“Treasure of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation”

Originally from Lille, six individuals stole a Ming vase worth 20 million euros in Belgium... “They stole Chinese porcelain from the Ming dynasty, dating from the 16th century. The value of this piece is estimated at 20 million euros. But during the theft, they broke the lid which alone is worth 3 million euros” ... Concerning the precious vase, it was placed under seal and should be returned to Belgium in the days to come. (actu.fr)

The number 6 (六), pronounced liu, considered a lucky charm in China, due to its phonetic resemblance to the word "flow" synonymous with a peaceful journey throughout life. It also expresses wealth, failed for the six pigs and the six thieves

As in 1924... some curiosities!

François Hollande's scooter can be admired and tested in a private museum in Maine-et-Loire... Inside, 120 vehicles are on display, from the Jaguar to the Hummer, including a 1922 convertible and the very popular 205. from Peugeot. Visitors can simply admire the models during a guided tour, but also try them out, as a passenger, from 60 euros, or even as a driver, from 70 euros. (france3)

The museum. And how much will a lap on the presidential tri-cycle at 20,500 euros cost? Opportunistic communication" Throughout the world, the year 1924 is that of the Michelin Guide's reflection as for the awarding of culinary stars, an award which will begin two years later; the first Winter Olympics in Chamonix; the death of Lenin and the birth of Aznavour. year when the women's looping world record was broken by Adrienne Bolland, who completed 212 loops in 72 minutes at Orly. It's a safe bet that this feat was celebrated with a bottle of Romanée Conti. the year 1924, there is the Bignole! __ For example: Sabotage at the Chamonix Olympics. In Swiss sporting circles, a serious incident has been reported which will be the subject of a careful investigation. The Winter Olympics in Chamonix and the victory of the American Jewtraw in the skating race. A complete photo report__ __ Bobsleigh day at the Olympic Games, Lenin's funeral. For Adrienne Bolland's record, it happened on May 27, we will have to wait for the next editions of the Bignole d'antan, a century ago, information did not circulate as quickly. But in the meantime, the aviator's Legion of Honor and an interview in which she talks about wearing the skirt that her employer wanted to impose on her 

And the other results of presidential assets under the hammer... during the Garden Party. The chastity belt went for only 500 euros, and Bokassa's throne did not find a buyer, the price was 10,000 euros. The kit known as “Olivier Le Daim, barber of Louis , the painting by Claude Joseph Vernet (1714-1789), ‘Shipwrecked on a rocky coast’ from 1780, fetched €340,000, "La Baigneuse" from 1882 by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) brought in 184,000 euros, Claude Monet's letter about the Goncourt diary from 1922 is worth only 1000 euros. Princess Radziwill's toiletries only bring in 900 euros, like two watercolors by Henri d'Orléans, Count of Paris (1933-2019) which only bring in 800 euros, the nobility no longer pays.

Were a flop or were overestimated: A pagoda jewelry box, circa 1640-1650 from Japan, Edo period, Pictorialist style, estimated between 50 and 70,000 euros did not go away, like Andrée with a chignon from 1919 by Pierre- Auguste Renoir (French, 1841-1919) estimated at 300 to 400,000 euros and Bouquet of Flowers with a Sunflower by Odilon Redon (French, 1840-1916) estimated at 500 to 800,000 euros. Just scroll through the 139 lots to discover other little treasures, sold or not.

For gourmets: a century-old bottle of Romanée Conti, 1924, goes for 13,000 euros, which makes sangria more expensive than sangria made with Château Petrus, doesn't it Yves?

Chef Marguin's exceptional collection, 4600 menus from the tables of the greatest chefs sold at auction... At the end of the auction, 85% of the menus were sold for a total of 17,000 euros (sic)... Nicolas Sarkozy had the cheese removed to save time, and when he arrived François Hollande asked for it back... (france3)

Does this mean that gastronomy no longer makes money? No... The initial estimate for the 400 lots on show was 160,000 euros... It's a done deal, with a collection fetching 170,000 euros instead of the 106,000 euros initially estimated... "When a Frenchman, Poincaré, wanted to make peace between the Tsar of Russia and the King of England, he didn't forget to include Moscow-style sturgeon and Victoria-style pineapple on the menu. We have 4,600 examples of belly politics’ (Alexandre Millon, auctioneer). It would appear that a typo has crept into the article, or the bidding has been erratic.

And yet...

L'Espérance, Marc Meneau's former Michelin-starred restaurant, has been sold at auction... for a pittance. The Versailles Court of First Instance awarded it €38,000 for the main building and its 730 m2 annexe. This gastronomic mecca, which employed 40% of the village and hosted celebrities such as François Mitterrand, the Queen Mother and Serge Gainsbourg... The bidding is open until 10 June. (france3)

Saint-Père in the Yonne

And the diplomatic menus of yesteryear from La Bignole: The nuptial menu of Wilhelm II, Franco-English diplomatic cuisine according to Auguste Escoffier, and a little bonus: The Culinary Guide, (150MB), Auguste Escoffier's practical cooking cheat sheet Escoffier dating from 1907, 818 pages to devour, in French.

Still on the subject of gastronomy: The Orléans vinegar festival, the new unmissable gastronomy event. (france3)

The common theme of the festival during these three days: vinegar... it's this weekend, so see you in 2025 for the next edition, an opportunity to, perhaps, taste pickled plums, an Orléans dish which is worth a look to renew simple hors d'oeuvres or as an accompaniment to beef stew. “It’s exquisite.” Coincidence of the calendar? The recipe is here, was published exactly 100 years ago and is not on the 21st century Gala menu

The 2024 program

Back to the auction...

The second part of the Garden Party took place the following day, and two little treasures were sold:

Gestes et Opinions du Docteur Faustroll, pataphysicien, 1898 by Alfred Jarry (French, 1873-1907) at €80,000 and ‘L'Amour absolu’, 20 February 1899 by the same author at €25,000.

And Alfred Jarry, April Fools' Day, the World Toothpick Museum and the Bignole

And for music lovers, the results of auctions of legendary, affordable guitars... instruments don't bring in any more, an effect of digital technology? Why bother with a crate when all the sounds are digital?

And also: Charlie Chaplin's cello sold at auction... 4,100 euros. (france3) And other news about Charlie ChaplinIs Charlie Chaplin a heartbreaker, or is he a means of communication, advertising, In photos, the happy Charlie Chaplin playing a round of golf, Charlie Chaplin's wedding, photo of Charlie Chaplin and his fiancée Pola Negri, and Charlie Chaplin was born in France, his work, his projects. The mystery of Charlie Chaplin's birthplace finally solved ? 

Other sales...

Auction in Drouot: 420,000 euros for an unknown painting by the Vesoul painter Jean-Léon Gérôme... This painting entitled "The Wreck" is striking for its modernity while the Vésulien has a reputation as an academic painter... estimated between 80 and 120,000 euros

And some curiosities about Jean-Léon Gérôme

“A world record”: Marshal Ney’s baton sold for more than 550,000 euros in Fontainebleau. (actu.fr)

Estimated at €200,000 to €300,000

Other treats...

He bought a painting by Edgar Degas at auction for 926 euros, the work ultimately worth 8 million... At the time, a Catalan individual, passionate about art, acquired a painting on the Todocolección auction site. The work fetched 926 euros from the Spanish buyer; with a starting price set at one euro...The work represents a scene from a Parisian brothel or cabaret, with two women putting on makeup. “Eloge du makeup” was kept to title this painting, a name inspired by the poem by Charles Baudelaire. (france3)

And about Edgar Degas: the legacy of the painter Degas, a curious trial

Return to other presidential carriages, but apparently less pampered than the scooter

Shelter for the cars of Pompidou and De Gaulle, will the Citroën conservatory move from Aulnay-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis)? It is a part of the working and automobile history of the Parisian suburbs which is disappearing... This follows the decision of the Île-de-France Land Establishment, which owned the place, to put an end to the precarious lease which allowed the museum to occupy this space. (actu.fr)

Is De Gaulle's DS that of the Petit-Clamart attack? In this case, a little more than a simple working-class heritage, but a witness to a part of French history. 60 years ago, de Gaulle survived the Petit-Clamart attack and the tragedy averted

All together, all together, all together...

Controversy: the trashy reality TV show Frenchie Shore is no longer welcome in Agde, the town hall wants to ban filming... The municipality and residents fear for the image of the town, already damaged by the broadcast of the season 1..."The commune of Agde wishes to prevent its filming and its broadcast in order to protect its image and its notoriety, I would be grateful if you would inform the Community of the [...] means made available to avoid again filming contrary to public order."...A wind of indignation which also runs through the elected representatives of the opposition. (france3)

The problem: “the show is broadcast on foreign channels, which are more expensive” The first season, the Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul-Malak and Arcom “the minister is wrong”

Arcom's decisions

Cap d'Agde in Hérault, "the town where the mayor heard "voices from beyond"

And here: Mr. Mayor, Belphégor speaks”: the elected official makes a mess of the municipal council of Houilles (Yvelines), this is the video continuation of the Oville farmyard where evictions are taking place. (actu.fr)

Phew, I can already smell the Advent calendar!

Decree no. 2024-492 of 29 May 2024 amending decree no. 2003-285 of 24 March 2003 on the production of Christmas trees, ...with the list of species used for the production of Christmas trees

And for a foretaste of the snow: ‘It's always a joy to meet up again’: surrounded by walls of snow, the Petit Saint-Bernard pass (Savoie) reopens to traffic. (france3)

30 mai 2024