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03  04 juin 2024   ..

Happy birthday Antoine, your rantings are still relevant today, almost 60 years old and not a wrinkle: Why the guns?
Why, why those cannons
With their astonishing noise?
Why, why those cannons?
To make war, my child

Why, why more often
Than we imagine
Do we wage war on people?
It keeps the factories going my child

Why, why these factories
With nothing to show for it?
Why, why these factories?
It gives people work my child

Why, why this work
Hard and tiring?
Why, why this work?
To earn money my child

Why, why this money
Is it so good?
Why, why this money?
To buy cannons my child

Why, why these cannons
That cost us so much?
Why, why these cannons?
To make war, my child

Antoine's latest news. But what do you have to do, dear Antoine, with your common sense, to revive trade in town centres, apart from selling the pill in Monoprix stores? Oh, yeah!

Nostalgia, nostalgia, a popular Parisian living museum to visit urgently, where the entry ticket is simple consumption, which certainly does not suffer the Olympics effect. It is an endangered species, gradually absorbed by various and varied ESODs.

At Raymond, manager of the "cheapest bar in Paris": "It's not just a question of price, it's a whole atmosphere..." The prices are low, reacts Morgane. The pastis is 2.50 euros my childs, the same for the Super Bock, the glass of wine is 1.50 euros... it's special. People come because we do what we want. We let loose, we talk...[but] the neighborhood is gentrifying. (france3)

"Le Nant" at 58 Rue du Ruisseau in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, 40 years of popular service, a small medal of honor from the municipality is necessary for Raymond and his 77 springs.

The Pont Neuf district, another little stroll in the Parisian bars that those under the age of a hundred cannot experience. Today we flock to the shelves of La Samaritaine

Too many restaurants, the profession pleads for the establishment of a "numerus clausus..." Like what is done for the installation of doctors... for the Union of Trades and Industries of the Hospitality (UMIH), the sector suffers from too much competition... “You can open a restaurant at any time. The problem is that we have people with little or no training who then have great difficulty running their business and who saturate the market... But we would like and we will ask the government that in certain protected sectors, each mayor can decide, to be able to limit the openings of restaurants” explains the restaurateur. (france3)

And an illustration of powers, tastes and colors:

Florence Portelli, mayor of Taverny in Val d'Oise, wants the city to control its commercial identity. “We are going to continue to set up small businesses... even if I really like hairdressers, but I think there are enough of them in the city center”

And “more caterers and fewer hairdressers”, what does Nancy’s prefect think? See June 1, 2024

And rugby, acceptable with the Tabernacian identity of the city councilor? No ? If ? No !

Tabernacle! The municipal council of Taverny (Val-d'Oise) approved the principle of declassifying the rugby field from the public domain, in order to transfer it to the company Urban Soccer....The project, called Urban Village, is a sports complex and indoor leisure activities with indoor football, padel (derived from tennis), catering and perhaps other activities: escape game, crossfit, laser game, etc. (actu.fr)

And to end with the excess, here it is rather a lack!

the French medical desert: The medical numerus clasus, a real problem, still under debate. (Senate commission report... edifying!)

Phew! the old recipes of Bignole are saved...

What if fat helped you age well? A study demonstrates the regenerating power of adipose tissue... But the objective is to manufacture a drug capable of "boosting" the migration of these good fat cells. A hypothesis that can be realized in 5 to 10 years. (france3)

...in the meantime, enjoy your meal again

And still, one of the "Minous", the best known in the world, is still talked about...

The real thing: "The Origin of the World" tagged at the Pompidou-Metz center: the artist Deborah de Robertis was indicted... A few hours after the action, Deborah de Robertis justified herself on social networks. She notably accused one of the exhibition curators of sexual harassment. The artist also made a report to the Paris prosecutor's office against several men from the contemporary art world. (francebleu)

The fake : And a few days ago, in Saint-Raph! Naked, everyone naked. An amateur painter revisits “The Origin of the World” by Courbet, the mayor of Saint-Raphaël censors her paintings. The first sees the genitals of the model Constance Quéniaux dressed in painted panties while the second is simply covered with real female underwear directly glued to the canvas


« CIMABUE. AUX ORIGINES DE LA PEINTURE MODERNE EN OCCIDENT » organized and presented at the Louvre Museum, Paris, from January 22, 2025 to May 12, 2025

notably this work - Italian anonymous, Duccio di BUONINSEGNA (active in 1278-1318) (perhaps attributed to); Virgin and Child with Saint Francis; around 1285; tempera on panel; 68.6 × 51.4 cm; inv. : 1945.9,, belonging to the Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin, OH, USA

But be careful, the museum, the lending one, has been closed since May 27, due to the completion of Oberlin College and Conservatory's Sustainable Infrastructure Program (SIP). This project will transition the campus to a geothermal heating and cooling system and move closer to the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2025.

The Allen Memorial Art Museum, to visit without traveling. In the meantime, it is possible to explore the museum digitally with Allen Augmented Reality for virtual tours, knowing that around twelve thousand works (Flemish painting, from the 18th century and 19th century) are there

Oberlin, Ohio

And do you know why Oberlin is called Oberlin. The gaze must be turned towards Alsace

« VOIR / LE TEMPS / EN COULEURS. LES DÉFIS DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE » présentée au Centre Pompidou-Metz, du 13 juillet 2024 au 18 novembre 2024

« JACKSON POLLOCK. LES PREMIÈRES ANNÉES » organisée et présentée au musée national Picasso-Paris, du 15 octobre 2024 au 19 janvier 2025

« GUILLAUME GUILLON-LETHIÈRE » organisée et présentée au musée du Louvre, Paris, du 13 novembre 2024 au 17 février 2025

« L'INTIME, DE LA CHAMBRE AUX RÉSEAUX SOCIAUX » organisée et présentée au musée des Arts décoratifs (MAD), Paris, du 15 octobre 2024 au 30 mars 2025

« L'ÂGE ATOMIQUE. UNE HISTOIRE CONTEMPORAINE » présentée au musée d'art moderne de Paris, du 11 octobre 2024 au 9 février 2025

03 juin 2024