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The weekly vocabulary, after last week's we must "withdraw" , this week we are learning the conjugations of “promise”, and “support” verbs of the 3rd group. It's the race for the shallot that requires French grammar to be revised. Bets are open for the coming week.

From Monday July 1, a new official term " shrinkinflation " which should appear on your little treats in the supermarkets. In French, it's "réduflation" and this is not an old-fashioned advertisement for reducing certain annoying gases. It also works for “bonimentflation” policy ? But electoral silence obliges, let's follow the song and the little journey of a migrant, the Coracias garrulus, from the Northern hemisphere to the Southern hemisphere.

The crazy journey of this little Catalan bird, from the Eastern Pyrenees to Botswana... ( actu.fr)

and its African cousins ​​in photos!

And on his journey, what's new?

The flight base is located in Salses-le-Château in the Pyrénées-Orientales. The Council of State has decided, there will be no extension of the Salses-le-Château quarry. A project to expand the quarry by around fifteen hectares, the equivalent of 30 football fields, which greatly worried local residents, particularly for environmental reasons... According to Frene 66, some "31 protected species of flora, insects, reptiles, birds and mammals risked being threatened or destroyed", which was authorized by the orders taken by the prefecture... (francebleu)


Phew! little friend, you can come back after your Franco-African journey of 18,000 km and visiting 16 countries.

The first stage takes him to Aude, not much, apart from a serious competitor to the cormorants which also decimate the fish to the great dismay of the fishermen:

a representative of fishermen sentenced for prohibited fishing with hake and monkfish tails already prepared, hidden under oilskins and blankets... In the meantime, this affair embarrasses other representatives of fishermen since Bernard Pérez is also vice-president of the national committee... (francebleu) The magic words: Bernard Pérez threatens the gendarmes to call "Paris" and "I didn't know".

The deliberation, here for le report of the hearing</span >, and impact study of the great cormorant: the disaster was announced ! (peche-poissons.com)

And for amateurs - Pyrénées-Orientales and Aude: let's go for the fly fishing world championship... (l'independant.fr)

A little stop in Ariège, with possibly an unusual encounter

He behaves a bit like a teenager, you have to scold him ", the honey-loving bear has been identified, scaring authorized. It is M 129. A very unpoetic name which designates a young male bear from the Pyrenees born in 2022 from Plume and Pompon. A bear detected 16 times in France and Spain in 2023. Supporting video... (france3)

not a very romantic name, but there is surely an explanation: The zoo no longer gives names to baby animalsIt's a novelty in German-speaking countries: the Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna no longer wants to give names to young animals in the future. The objective is to divert the attention of the individual towards the protection of species.

New blood is always a big event in zoos. Employees and visitors eagerly await the baby animals. Most of the time, the cubs are given names, sometimes even with public participation, and then become an attraction: the polar bear “Knut” at the Berlin Zoo is probably the most famous example. The Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna, however, has decided to proceed differently in the future. Baby animals should no longer be given names, zoo director Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck told the “Tiroler Tageszeitung”. At least these should no longer be communicated to the public. The Austrian zoo thus assumes a pioneering role. “We are deliberately taking a new approach for the German-speaking region,” explains Hering-Hagenbeck.

Schönbrunn Zoo: the director plans a “humanization of wild animals”

The reason for the decision taken by the zoo director was that he no longer wanted to attract attention to individual animals, to which almost human characteristics were then attributed. "It was a sensation when a director had a young animal in his arms. This was of course accompanied by a humanization of the wild animal," said Hering-Hagenbeck. “For a long time, the focus was on showcasing a single individual.” Striped tanrec, glass-winged beetle or hare mouse: twelve animals that almost no one probably knows

So now Schönbrunn Zoo is changing its paradigm: in the future, the emphasis will be placed “on the preservation of a population – and not on the individual”. The objective is to ensure better protection of species, which are now the subject of zoological work. However, zoos continue to be regularly criticized by animal protection organizations because they do not allow wild animals to return to their natural habitat.

Guardian or gorilla? These images amaze zoo visitors Watch the video:

Visitors to a zoo in the Chinese province of Hebei film a rare spectacle. Deep inside a gorilla enclosure, a standing creature suddenly appears, leaving zoo visitors wondering: is it a human or an ape?

automatic translation of the article published on stern. de
– so as not to “humanize” them

And again - Salau mine in Ariège:the cancellation of the Variscan exploration permit confirmed... "the territory of the PERM perimeter (exclusive permit for exploration of metal mines ) shelters, in addition to bats, several nesting areas for rock-dwelling raptors such as the golden eagle, the peregrine falcon, the capercaillie, the rock ptarmigan, the gray partridge and the bearded vulture, for which areas of major sensitivity have been defined " (actu-environnement.com)

Our boyfriend's friends are delighted...

After crossing the Mediterranean...

Landing in Algeria at Béjaïa (Kabylie)</a >, town where Karim Benzema's parents come from, with the Cape Carbon lighthouse built in 1906, it is the highest in the world due to its natural location (altitude 220 meters) and it has a range of 33 miles. But our migrant friend does not need this book to find his way, but a little trip to the Gouraya National Park, why not.

It's not our migrant friend who is tweeting it " It's the first time I come to Algeria and to Béjaïa so I'm very happy to be here... </ em>" (lagazettedufennec.com)

A small drop-off by Tunisia, but with a risk of unfair competition for our friend, perhaps he will take the plane next season:

Transavia France is committed to promoting tourism in Tunisia... (destinationtunisie.info)

And no festive adornments: Deprived of a flag for the Olympic Games, Tunisia gives in to the demands of the anti-doping agency... ( tv5monde)

A stop in Libya...

Be careful of Russian cousins, who may steal the feathers of those who come from Europe:

Russia increases its presence in Libya, to the great dismay of Westerners... (lemonde.fr )

It seems normal, each national piaf is looking for the best feeder for him:

Libya dethrones Nigeria</ span> and becomes the first African oil producer, to listen to the gentle chirp of the situation in the world... (rfi.fr)

Between Libya and Nigeria lies Niger...

Attention little plucked friend, maybe next year will we have to change our flight plan.

And above all, be careful of a tweet that displeases, otherwise your journey ends in a cage and certainly not a golden cage:

Niger reinstates prison sentences against journalists for defamation and insults... (cpj.org)

In Nigeria, no crazy things...

After this stop, in Nigeria, no crazy things:

Lagos partygoers deprived of "ticket shower... She was sentenced to six months in prison, the judge considering that the LGBT influencer with 5 million subscribers had “damaged the image of the country”. In February, an actress was sentenced to the same sentence, for the same reason...insisting on the fact that "dancing or walking on the naira" constitutes a particularly degrading act. (lemonde.fr)

And a banknote with the image from our friend: double protection? For the protection of the country's image and for the protection of the environment, but for this last point we should seriously start printing money

But it's not just partygoers who are deprived...

The government must block Shell's sale of its Niger Delta operations until human rights are properly protected..." Frequent oil leaks from its infrastructure and inadequate maintenance and cleaning practices have contaminated groundwater and drinking water sources, poisoned agricultural lands and fishing reserves, and seriously harmed the health and livelihoods of residents. (amnesty.org)

The buyer's name is Renaissance, weird, you said weird. Shh! no report on the shallot race this weekend these are the rules of the electoral campaign: electoral silence

And a little treat before leaving the country: attention little friend, no bridal outfit again... (koaci.com)

A stopover in Cameroon...

No problem with refueling for the rest of the trip:This Breton boss launches a chocolate unit in Cameroon... this project provides for the commissioning of a couverture chocolate unit north of Yaoundé.(classe-export.com)

But you need to bring a good first aid kit:Prescription now obligatory in pharmacies: au Cameroon, will the pill pass?... This measure does not seem to convince some Cameroonians in a country where the illicit circuit represents nearly 25% of the drug market. (afrique.le360.ma)

Cameroon: the Bolloré group convicted of collusion with a judge from the Chamber of Commerce international and winke, winke at 58.6 million euros... The French company, however, remains committed to the continent, particularly with Canal+ and its media activities (lemonde.fr)


In Chad, no risks, no suspected cases of Covid-19, certain measures must be respected, but this concerns humans.  (alwihdainfo.com)

For bird flu in Africa, it's here and there

Heading south: the Centra-African Republic

Come on! we continue... there is still air to go...

Central African Republic: the first carbon credit sequestration generated 1.22 billion... In the field of forestry in particular, the CAR has the ambition that "by 2035, forest ecosystems and the resources associated with them , are co-managed for the goods and services necessary for peace, sustainable and harmonious development, for the conservation of biological diversity and for the safeguarding of the global environment”(mediaterre.org)

Central African Republic: why the truth commission was dismissed... “A colleague calls me and asks me to come back to the office quickly...No, it's just an order we received. Until now, we have not received any document."...On May 7, four days after the CVJRR closed its doors, a decree was read on national radio, dismissing the entire of the commissioners of this institution. (justiceinfo.net)

In France, things go faster for dismissal, sorry, dissolution, although....An announcement on Sunday June 9 on TV at 9 p.m. and publication on Special Official Journal (the Olympic Games do not appear on Mondays!) of the decree, This is French efficiency! (to download for “fun”)

And as an aside: vocabulary or definition: it is indicated in the decree “after consultation” , in practice, a quick phone call... July 9 at 8:10 p.m., "lasting 1 minute 30" (francetvinfo)

Effective, the presidential reflection period, but it is clearly marked “Given the urgency”

And still Russian competition, between brutality and predation, how Wagner pacifies the Central African Republic (lemonde.fr by subscription)

And not to forget:

A photographer killed in the Central African Republic left a lasting legacy, ten years later, the murder of Camille Lepage is still not solved... She understood that it was a forgotten crisis and that she had a way to help... The photos taken by Camille are still among the most striking images illustrating the human cost of the conflict in those early years. It put faces to the names of victims and survivors, capturing in one image the fear before battle, the pain of losing a loved one and the injustice of war crimes. (hrw.org)

Photos to see here and the posthumous book entitled "Central African Republic: We are together" at the very affordable price of 10 euros, the funds raised from the sale of the book will be used to finance a Camille Lepage photography prize.

A short tour through the Congo and...

...chance of the calendar a little controversy, on the salaries of deputies... to listen, the report is at the 6th minutes and 52 seconds  (france24)

The president of Congo-Brazzaville Denis Sassou-Nguesso expected in Russia for a state visit(rfi.fr)

But it's not just the Russian cousins, there are also the Chinese which make the migration route to Africa... As we celebrate, this Saturday, June 22, the world day of tropical forests, an oil exploration permit, granted at the beginning of year to a Chinese company, provokes the anger of environmental defenders in Congo-Brazzaville.  (rfi)

After Congo-Brazzaville, the Democratic Republic of Congo

The dream?

Democratic Republic of Congo :the government program largely approved by the National Assembly... The deputies adopted by 397 votes out of the 405 voters the orientations of the Prime Minister, Judith Suminwa Tuluka, appointed on April 1... It is a question of implementing the promises of the second term... the Sacred Union » , a vast coalition... had obtained some 90% of the seats in the Assembly.(lemonde.fr)

And for our little feathered friend, an indication for next year:

MONUSCO closes its last base in the South Kivu region... MONUSCO has transferred also to the Congolese army a newly built heliport and a base in Rutemba near Uvira, worth 1.5 million dollars -1.4 million euros- (rfi.fr)< /p>

And for communications and selfie fans...

DRC accuses Apple of using minerals from “illegally exploited” Congolese mines.. .” According to the lawyers mandated by Kinshasa, these minerals would then be “transported out of the country, and in particular to Rwanda, where they would be laundered”.(lemonde.fr)

And speaking of minerals in the DRC, did you know that the Shinkolobwe deposit in the Democratic Republic of Congo was the one from which the uranium was extracted which allowed the United States to build the atomic bomb launched on Hiroshima. The Manhattan Project was underway.

the penultimate stage: Angola

In Angola, the information mainly concerns seabirds:

TotalEnergies launches a new deep-water oil project... It will involve developing the Cameia and Golfinho oil fields, located 100 km off the coast Angolan, at a depth of 1,700 meters.  ...Angola announced at the end of 2023 its withdrawal from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to protest against production quotas considered too restrictive. (rfi.fr)

The project

And again the cousins ​​from Asia...

An aluminum industrial park< /a> with Chinese investment... A complete industrial chain from the preparation and electrolysis of aluminum to the manufacturing of finished aluminum products. (sahel-intelligence.com)

And migrants are welcome, refugees regain autonomy and dignity thanks to agricultural projects supported by the UN... Angola hosts more than 55,000 people requiring international protection. (news.un.org)


Finally arrived, the Okavango Delta , an inland delta in Botswana

It's up to everyone to discover this corner of paradise, virtually with your favorite search engine,  and if the toad allows it, there is no shortage of tourist announcements.

And information from Botswana, a diplomatic incident with Germany . “An elephant, suitably buttered, will fall, whatever happens, on your feet on the elephant side.”

26 juin 2024