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Today we celebrate the Ferdinands. And also the Ferdinande, the Jeanne, the Régine, but it's also Sainte Dypne, the patron saint of people suffering from mental and neurological disorders, of care centres and medical professions dealing with these patients, and also of women who are victims of incest and violence. La Bignole dispenses with a tour of current events to illustrate Saint Dypne, preferring instead to embellish the other Saints with music and images. - Ferdinande also works for FernandeJeanneRégineFerdinand, it's normal, he's a bull...

But back in the 21st century, even if the Bignole occasionally gets her feet caught in the temporal staircase: ‘You cost us a lot and you don't make any money’, when did that happen, yesterday or today, when you're talking to women who are supposed to be the future of mankind? So even if it's not Sainte Colette, ni la Saint Jean, women are still the future of mankind.

Collateral damage...

‘I have to pay for everything’: owners of unfinished houses on the street after Imam Mahjoubi's expulsion... According to the former imam, who was contacted by telephone, the company's accounts were closed down the day after his expulsion, forcing him to file for bankruptcy. He denies any fraud (france3)

An extension and application of the fait du prince theory to private contracts? An avenue worth exploring to obtain compensation from the State for the damage suffered.

That's sport! It's football! But it’s also rugby! It is nonsense ! Welcome to the land of human rights! Because “in human rights, there is the man and who is the man here? ". It's Richard Martinez, the owner of the gas station, who says it. And still so elegant

You cost us dearly and you bring in nothing”: the girls of US Orléans sacrificed for the benefit of the boys... “We learned of this decision in the press so we sought to meet the president so that he could explain it to us what it was like,” says one of the players on the squad...The new president of the USO, Cyril Courtin, arrived on April 5...His first major decision as president

That could be a line from Lino Ventura in the film “adventure is adventure”; yes, yes, just when he's in the car and talking to his "girls" on strike!

Cyril Courtin's track record: he is co-founder of a company specializing in human relations, HR Path, which works in around twenty countries. (france3)

And politicians get involved. But locker rooms costing 850,000 euros for footballers, that's possible, but elsewhere.

Even the oval ball no longer turns round, a bit like the earth?

“It’s unacceptable”: rugby players from Jean-Guiton college deprived of the final phases of the French UNSS (National School Sports Union) championship. The principal of the establishment withdrew, unable to finance a bus to the town of Pontet, near Avignon, in Vaucluse, the location of these final phases. A glaring inequality for their parents, while the men's team will travel to Indre for the same competition. “What image do we send back to our daughters when we tell them: 'you're 14, the boys are leaving and not you'. These are not the values ​​that I want to pass on to my daughter.” (france3)

And politicians get involved. Maybe a happy ending? But that says a lot about the mentalities of the 21st century. A return to the past, forward to the past...

That's news for L'Auto-Vélo, which would have loved a new pocket ‘Smart’ from Auvergne Cf 25 May 1924

This engineer had the crazy idea of creating an inflatable electric car that could be carried in a bag... invented by a native of Auvergne... the inventor replaced all the metal parts with air. Never before seen. Production costs are currently in the region of €10,000, but the engineer hopes to reduce them to €3,000 to make this means of transport affordable for private individuals... (france3)

And to discover the other winners of the Lépine 2024 competition

Nostalgia, human well-being or profitability? In any case, Richard Martinez approves...

Petrol pump attendants are making a comeback at service stations, a profession that had disappeared since the 1980s... The Total Energie group has decided to reinstate this vanished profession ‘to recreate links and service’. ‘Most of these are busy urban service stations with a commuter customer base. Targeting these stations allows us to improve traffic flow in these very busy stations’. (france3)

The Bignole film council: Tchao Pantin    Coluche talks about it   the trailervignette

The old-fashioned way

Monaco. Disguised as an old man, he robs a jeweller's: a haul of 3 million euros. (actu.fr)

A little vocabulary

Near Vitré (Ille-et-Vilaine), Édouard Philippe visits a company: ‘I'm blown away’. (actu.fr)

And still in the same département

In Fougères, Edouard Philippe visits Zeiss: ‘It's very impressive’. (actu.fr)

Houilles' barnyard is being evicted...

Houilles: an elected official removed by the police, the entire opposition leaves the municipal council... The mayor then called in the police. According to our information, the national police force found no legal grounds for removing the opposition councillor. Instead, their municipal colleagues took on this more than delicate task ‘...there was behaviour such as shouting, singing and imitating chickens’. (actu.fr)

Houilles in the Yvelines

Moral: the municipal police do not need a legal framework to intervene. Long live the rule of law... French rule of law!

And what else in Houilles, a Belgian joke?

A Belgian club is claiming the world record broken on Sunday by the Houilles athletics club... Except that the Belgian club has not been entered in the famous record book. ‘We didn't accept the Guinness Book's financial demands’, says the manager of Athlétic Club Dampicourt. The obligation to offer a three-day stay to an official of the famous publication was not part of the Belgian association's plans (leparisien.fr).

Not so Belgian as all that, and a good sport too! Éric Herman even made a proposal to his French counterpart. ‘What if we organised a twinning with Houilles, which seems to share the same festive spirit as us, and why not take up the challenge simultaneously?

It is really an excellent idea, but Houilles 30,000 inhabitants, Dampicourt 750 inhabitants: Houilles is not going to form a misalliance with such a small town, there is no question of it!

While in the same département, there are others who dream of being evicted, but have to go through the courts...

Eviction refused by the courts: why this Yvelines mayor wants to hand in his sash (actu.fr)


For the ‘pain-à-jouir’: A volume of effluent ‘estimated at 50,000 m3’. What about diving into the Seine for the world mule festival on 23 June?

Video: Wastewater spilt into the Seine after a pump malfunction in the Yvelines... The incident lasted several weeks... Just a few weeks before the Olympic triathlon and open water swimming events in the Seine... the pumping facilities of Suez, a subcontractor of the Grand Paris Seine et Oise urban community... The mayor was ‘rather upset by this episode, as the town was warned late, at the beginning of May’. On social networking sites, however, a number of users are reporting that they noticed the incident in mid-April. (actu.fr)

Will verrucas in Verrue in the Vienne see vertiginous vernissages coming? It rhymes a bit with ferruginous water and soil pollution, but it's not an artist who's at fault here!

A scrap metal sculptor receives formal notice: the State considers his land to be a waste dump... François Alix is a sculptor who has lived in the commune of Verrue, in the Vienne, for ten years. (france3)

And here: an artist stores scrap metal... The oxidation and rusting of the scrap metal on François Alix's property could present a risk of soil pollution. (francebleu)

Verrue et Les verrues : François Alix transplants his Magic Hortus to Chinon (lanouvellerepublique.fr sur abonnement)

And: Chinon: François Alix exhibits his iron sculptures (lanouvellerepublique)

And finally, everyone's talking about it, a great publicity stunt in the final!

What would Michel Foucault think of all this hullabaloo on the fiftieth anniversary of his death? he who bought a house there at the end of his life, without having the time to really live in it.

For gourmets, the official journal bignolé

Order of 22 May 2024 concerning new fishing dates for European eel (Anguilla anguilla) in the yellow eel stage in the Atlantic maritime area.

Recreational fishing for eels in maritime waters downstream of the salt water limit is prohibited at all stages of development.

French cuisine, with eel à la ploërmelaise. Advice on how to prepare eel for the slaughter, learn that eel blood splatters are very painful and get the recipe the old-fashioned way. And for other eel recipes: roast sea eel, eel in tartar sauce with Alexandre Dumas' recipe for the sauce, eel in tartar sauce from around Nantes, roast eel, eel in tartar sauce. And matelote marinière, which requires an eel.

And a few recipes for herring, to understand why the German herring was fed on an eel. An omelette with herring roe - Herring shells - Fresh herring à la Normande - Household caviar made with herring

A little recipe, tuna bread

Order of 28 May 2024 amending the order of 3 April 2024 specifying the conditions for recreational fishing for bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) under the multiannual management plan for bluefin tuna in the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean for 2024... ‘31 May 2024 at 23:59’ are replaced by ‘10 June 2024 at 23:59’.

Recreational fishing for bluefin tuna is strictly prohibited for vessels flying the flag of a non-EU country, so no more tuna tartare for aperitifs or fresh grilled tuna for British sailors, just another month of canned tuna.


« PAQUEBOTS (1913-1942). UNE ESTHÉTIQUE TRANSATLANTIQUE » organized and presented at the André Malraux Museum of Modern Art - MuMa, Le Havre, du 5 avril 2025 au 21 septembre 2025

Et l'Expo Paquebots can be seen in Nantes du 25 Octobre 2024 au 23 Février 2025


« PARIS 1793-1794. UNE ANNÉE RÉVOLUTIONNAIRE » presented at the Musée Carnavalet - Histoire de Paris, du 16 octobre 2024 au 16 février 2025

Jean-Louis LANEUVILLE (1756-1826), Portrait de Bertrand Barère de Vieuzac, 1794, huile sur toile, 129,5 × 96,8 cm, inv. : 908-1965/7

« NADIA LÉGER. ITINÉRAIRE D'UNE FEMME DES AVANT-GARDES » présentée au musée Maillol, Paris, du 8 novembre 2024 au 23 mars 2025

Nadia Léger

28 mai 2024