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08  11 juin 2024   13

" Republic. It's a name that sounds good, it means that we can live freely, say what we want, come and go where we want, drink and get drunk if you like..." (Marion Robert Morrison)

After the various soapbox races this weekend and the shallot race, the President of the French Republic has decided... La Bignole will return to it in its next editions of yesteryear. However, let's not forget the legislative elections which took place 7 years ago, it was the first round on June 11. Finally a dream of returning to the seven-year term? In any case, the Palais Bourbon derby is being prepared for the end of June, beginning of July. A wild ride? Let us also not forget that it has already been 45 years since "The Duke" began his last fantastic long ride, his last aquiline flight into the sun.

And the last ray of sunshine of the day, the more than century-old birth of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who has made, and still makes, dreams of generations (serious version) of budding explorers and divers. (winkle version)

Curiosities of nature, vocabulary and gastronomy: "star jelly", "witch's butter", "mare's eggs" or "moon spit", everyone has their favorite nickname for this little Precambrian conqueror...

This strange green, gelatinous and slimy monster which invades our gardens after the rain, we explain to you why you should not be afraid of the "spitting moon"... A mysterious invader, as if falling from the sky, which is not from a whole unknown...nostoc. He owes this strange name to Paracelsus, the famous Swiss philosopher of the Renaissance, who is said to have created it from the Old English Nosthryl (nostril) and the corresponding Germanic word Nasenloch (nostoch)... It is even the first year that I see so many. (france3)

Paracelse Nostoc

Their intensive harvest in China is one of the causes of increased erosion and degradation of certain very vulnerable soils... various species of Nostoc produce toxins but are nevertheless traditionally consumed locally.

stop sticking your finger in the nostoc! And enjoy your meal !

For music lovers: a Wanted that La Bignole relays...

Wanted: he sang The Star of Guingamp, but who is this mysterious Jean Poutrenne? “It seems that this album was released more near Strasbourg because the print on the cover and a label from a dealer (or owner) on the back of the cover indicate this city. The label could be PCA (?) without further precision either,” explains Goulc’hen Malrieu

Music, football, galoshes and international politics in the Loiret...

July 14: former footballer Djibril Cissé will host the National Day in a town in Loiret... Tcheba, does that mean anything to you? ...The former glory of AJ Auxerre, passed notably by Liverpool and Olympique de Marseille... (actu.fr). And what’s more, entry is free!

Djibril Cissé will heat up the Euro final which begins on June 14 in Germany


And for a little history in the big one, a century ago in Châlette-sur-Loing, Deng Xiaoping (1904-1997), general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party from 1956 to 1967 and supreme leader, de facto, of the People's Republic of China from 1978 to 1992, worked during his youth (from February 13, 1922 to March 7, 1923) at the Hutchinson galosh factory in Châlette-sur-Loing (where he was known as Teng Hi Hien, another transcription of his former name Deng Xixian)

And to go a little further... Deng Xiaoping, the galochier and France, Not to be confused with the Norman galosh game

A forgotten woman resurrected...

"Let me be elected President of the Republic, to see...": the audacity of Marie Denizard, the first woman candidate in the presidential election... Marie Denizard, from Amiens born in Aisne, is the first woman to have presented herself in the presidential election...the Ministry of the Interior invalidates her candidacy, considering that a woman cannot present herself because she does not have "the status of citizen"...her mental health deteriorated, and she ended up being forcibly placed in an asylum in 1926. First in the Seine department, before being transferred to the Lot, to the private asylum in Leyme. He is accused, among other things, of a “delirium of persecution” and “psychic excitement” (france3)

In photos! Naked, everyone naked! And smart too!

Côte-d'Or firefighters demonstrate in their underwear to denounce toxic management by their management... They chose to march in their underwear to avoid the disciplinary sanctions they risked by marching in uniform. (francebleu)

Gluttonous poachers, less talented than Badger and "Fous-le-camp", but that's the life of great men, soon a sequel on Bignoflix?

386 pieces of game discovered in his freezer: an elected official from Hautes-Alpes and his son found guilty of poaching... Surveillance launched in 2020 by the French Biodiversity Office (OFB) made it possible to observe at the beginning of September, nine days before the official opening of the hunt, the mayor's son "took the gun out of his backpack before shooting from around twenty meters away", in a forest near the family home.... At the hearing , the defense lawyer had pleaded for acquittal, affirming that the case was limited to “rumors”. Faced with the defendants, who described themselves at the hearing as "hunting enthusiasts"... (france3)

...consequently no concealment of poaching for possible guests of the Barral family, everything remained in the freezer.

But also good news for Chateauroussins and Chateauroussins: The best grocery store in France is located in a village in the Hautes-Alpes, the grocer is very young. (france3)

Result: a medal for this small village in the Hautes-Alpes.


Solidarity. A solidarity dog ​​pension at one euro per day... The remaining twelve boxes are sold at the usual prices to ensure income for the structure. The solidarity rate is one euro per day. (france3)

Near Nice, this restaurant welcomes customers who cannot pay everything... For two and a half months, every Thursday, the couple and their waitress had the idea of ​​setting up a solidarity system. “We imagined what our restaurant would be like in 20 years and our idea is that everyone can come and eat at the restaurant,” says Jérôme. (actu.fr)

“MATISSE-BONNARD: FRIENDSHIPS” organized and presented at the Marguerite and Aimé Maeght Foundation, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, from June 28, 2024 to October 6, 2024

- Henri MATISSE (1869-1954), Small nude crouching with arms, 1908, bronze, 13.6 × 9 × 10 cm, inv. : CTB.DEC1722 ;

- Henri MATISSE, The yellow flowers, 1902, oil on canvas, 46 × 54.5 cm, inv. : 664 (1968.9)

- Pierre BONNARD (1867-1947), The source (Nude in the bathtub), 1917, oil on canvas, 80 × 44 cm, inv. : Inv.FB.22.2

The Maeght Foundation in the Alpes-Maritimes, which will celebrate its 60th anniversary on July 28


Aimé Maeght: pioneer of the modern and contemporary art market, and visionary creator of the Maeght Foundation on July 3, 2024 at the price of 25 euros

And for a slightly more expensive toad, there is for sale an original lithograph created by the Catalan artist Joan Miró in 1969, the Chevauchée Rouge Brun at 12,000 euros, as well as a self-portrait by YAN PEI MING at 4,000 euros.

Museo Thyssen Beyeler Museum AG, Riehen/Bâle, Suisse Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid, Espagne

A presentation associated with goods from the museum's permanent collections, collected on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) from June 30, 2024 to June 30, 2025 at the musée du quai Branly - Jacques-Chirac, Paris

- Chile, Easter Island; “Tahua” Kohau rongorongo tablet paddle; circa 1860, carved wood (Fraxinus exelsior); 91.4 × 11 × 2.35cm; inv. : P 001 ;

- Chile, Easter Island; Tablet “Aruku kurenga” Kohau rongorongo; around 1850; carved driftwood (Thespesia populnea); 41.7 × 15.2 × 2.3cm; inv. : P 002 ;

- Chile, Easter Island; Tablet “Mamari” Kohau rongorongo; around 1850; carved driftwood (Thespesia populnea); 29 × 19.5 × 2.5cm; inv. : P 003 ;

- Chile, Easter Island; Kohau rongorongo “Echancrée” tablet and hair cord; around 1860; carved driftwood (Podocarpus latifolia) and hair; tablet: 30 × 15 × 2.6 cm, hair: L.: approximately 14.5 meters; inv. : P 004 and P 004c,

La collection Océanie du Musse du quai Branly

Congregazione dei Sacri Cuori di Gesù e di Maria PICPUS, Rome, Italie

And the mystery of the disappearance of Easter Island last century following an earthquake in Chile

« TROMPE-L'ŒIL » organisée et présentée au musée Marmottan Monet, Paris, du 17 octobre 2024 au 2 mars 2025

« JOSÉ DE RIBERA (1591-1652). LO SPAGNOLETTO » présentée au Petit Palais, musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris, du 5 novembre 2024 au 23 février 2025

« BRUNO LILJEFORS, LA SUÈDE SAUVAGE » présentée au Petit Palais, musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris, du 1er octobre 2024 au 16 février 2025

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