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les infos de La Bignole

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04  08 juin 1924  ..

L'Éclaireur du dimanche

Page eleven - The national women's physical education cup. After the cancellation of the Monte-Carlo athletic games, this event takes place at the pretty Meynet stadium at the Parc Impérial in Nice. Admire the outfits and hairstyles of the six athletes photographed

Page fifteen - Parties and banquets: among the interns and department heads of the Saint-Roch hospital in Nice, the party takes place at the Hermitage restaurant in Saint-Hospice with a humor drawing caricaturing the participants and their specialties. Even the chaplain does not miss

And what becomes of Saint-Roch hospital? Destruction of the Saint-Roch hospital: “It’s a page that is turning”...It will be replaced by the police station. La Bignole imagines a little humor drawing with the new tenants... 

Le Provençal de Paris

Page one - A novel about Provence written by a Provençal. The imagery of Le Cordier by Armand Lunel, his first novel and a literary criticism that makes you want to immerse yourself in all the poetry of the old road trades

Page two - Provençal cuisine according to Auguste Escoffier: a family dinner, the menu and recipes for a peasant soup, a Provençal-style cod pilaw, zucchini au gratin, very original with anchovies and to finish with wild strawberries. Pernes with old wine from the Château des Papes, to pair with the excellent melons from Cavaillon, Alexandre Dumas would have loved it.

The melons of Cavaillon and Alexandre Dumas père. A little-known story between the town hall of Cavaillon and the writer.

Advice for the melon lover. An ode to the succulence of this fruit, through history, the countless varieties, practical advice for choosing them, preparing them and why not trying the recipe for Melon with port, sherry or Madeira. Otherwise, a little melon compote, what do you think?

Le Cri de Marseille

Page one - A deputy town councillor dismissed for electoral fraud at Le Marin town hall in Martinique, targeting Mr Valère Marie, known as Agis


Page Five - The weekly traditional chess game with problem number 184, a game played at the Vienna tournament and last week's solution, problem number 183

Page six - For the first time, a horse was transported by plane from Bourget to Rotterdam yesterday, after cats and mice. The pilot Drouhin and a young racing foal, a pony

Maurice Drouhin, a forgotten French aviator  not to be confused with  the Burgundy pinarder, Maurice Drouhin

Same page - The Japanese at the Olympic Games, a photo of the group of champions led by Doctor Kishi on their arrival at the Gare de Lyon

Basque lumberjack-boxer Paulino is trying to beat his own record. To be carried out, the cutting with an ax of a trunk with a circumference of 1 meter 50 in 4 minutes and 36 seconds. But something is missing. In pictures, two attitudes of the boxer-lumbercutter during his demonstration

And some additional information on Paulino UZCUDUN, Basque boxer, and on the Aizkolariaks, the Basque lumberjacks, even if the atmosphere of the competitions has changed.

The World Sports Logging Trophy: This year, it will take place in Toulouse from November 8 to 9, 2024. And on the women's side? An unusual world record for a Quebecer

Le Petit Journal illustré

Page four - News through images, with among others the aviator Adrienne Bolland in a skirt! And his two dogs, faithful companions.

The aviator's Legion of Honor and an interview in which she talks about wearing the skirt that her employer wanted to impose on her, and a little more about Adrienne Bolland

Page eight - Notre-Dame de Paris in Los Angeles, the reconstruction of Paris under the reign of Louis XI for the filming of the film "Notre-Dame de Paris". The photos, one next to the other, showing the real cathedral and the trompe-l'oeil one are breathtaking.
Notre-Dame de Paris the movie 1923    See the movie

And for the news of the old lady, there is too much while waiting for reconstruction after the legendary fire.

Page nine - Weekly recreations, mind games and curiosities with a double acrostic, spoonerism, geographical logo, chess, checkers and no solutions from the latest edition.


Page two - At the Cluny theater, "Sospif aux Olympiades", a large-scale vaudeville show in 3 acts by MM. George Rolle and Pierre Dutheil. The subject, a boss eager to gain a lot by spending little, the hotel of the "Conger Standing" which is always full and a century later, a subject still relevant today.

And another Wanted from Bignole! The Cluny theater, located at 71, boulevard Saint-Germain, on the corner with rue Saint-Jacques in the 5th arrondissement of Paris,

Le Petit Écho de la Mode

Page six - The housewife's notebook, seasonal recipes from yesteryear, suggested dishes for lunch and dinner, to create a personalized menu. And the recipes for - 152 red mullet à la marseillaise and advice for arranging a canned tomato coulis in the blink of an eye - 153 parmentier timbale - 154 rissoles with jam so as not to spoil dried-out jams - 155 new carrots parfait - 156 peas in juice - 157 mutton chops with artichoke puree.

Next - The good cuisine of France. On the menu, Cambacérès trout and French caviar.

Le Petit Parisien

Page one - After the elections, the formation of the new cabinet, how it should happen. (continued on page)

Page two - They have no foreman or anything to inform them... they don't know how the work is going... when they are informed, it is no longer time to work and the day is lost...


Page two - The Tartuffe handkerchief and how to use it... the chronicle of Georges de La Fourcharduère.

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