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les infos de La Bignole

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22  29 juin 1924  06


Page one - At the Olympic polo tournament, France suffered a crushing 13-1 defeat, but honor is safe.

Page two - At the Pantheon, when the family opposes the transfer of the body, the heart is transported in a silver urn.

Same page - In Seo de Urgel, it snowed heavily. Was this the effect of climate change? If so, our successive leaders have not been and are not up to the task.

Page three - The Democratic convention in New York.

Page four - Chess, today the problem and game n°187 played between Frédérick Yates and Doctor Fick

Page six - Full page, holiday destinations, trains and coaches... timetables and prices.

Journal des débats

Page two - Georges Mandel comments on the result of the last legislative elections.

Page three - Saint-Dié, is the godmother city of America thanks to its "Cosmographicae Introductio".

Page four - The revolutionary teachers refuse the teaching of "hate".


Page one - Giacomo Matteotti: will we find the body of the deputy?

Page two - The "Bonnet Rouge" affair: will the review of the trial, for intelligence with the enemy, take place?

Same page - In Mulhouse, the Municipal Council interrupted by the tenants' union.

Page three - Foreign opinion: 10th anniversary of the Sarajevo attack

Same page - The Hendon airshow was a success for France


Page one - The grinder cyclist has made a marriage of convenience between sport and work.

Page two - The wedding list is a solution to solving duplicate or triplicate gifts. Nothing new.

L'Écho de Paris

Page one - The “Bonnet Rouge” affair commented differently.

Page two - the curiosities are at Drouot where works by Hubert Robert, Boucher and Fragonard were sold

Page three - Against the declining birth rate, let's eliminate divorce! An idea taken up by a law professor.

L'Éclaireur du dimanche

Page thirteen - The release of the "Photo-Artistic-Club". The report, photos included, of this excursion in the Nice hinterland, with a stop in Saint-Paul at the Hostellerie de la Colombe d'Or, kept by Mr. Roux. The announcement of the photo competition organized by the club, 20 rue Saint François-de-Paule, the aim of which is to develop the art of amateur photography by providing equipment.

The Hôtel de la Colombe d'Or still exists and is still in the hands of the Roux family. And at the address of the photo club is a shop which is more for the pleasure of the nose, than the pleasure of the eyes

Page sixteen - New companies, will we see Hotel Theaters like in America? A new concept bringing together a theater, but also a restaurant, a dance bar and a comfortable hotel, all in the same place. Projects are being studied, Paris, the Province? From the Palace Theaters to Lille, Le Havre, etc... there needs to be a notable change in morals. There is not only Paris in life. But can't we expect everything in the bewildering times we live in?

A century later, it’s “Instagrammable” hotels that are making the headlines! But can't we expect everything in the bewildering times we live in?
If you prefer a prison hotel, you have to go to Béziers.

La Justice

Page one - Geneva Labor Conference looks at anthrax. It also establishes an agreement for equal treatment of workplace accidents between national and foreign workers.

Anthrax disease

Same page - The cost of living and taxes, that is to say the reduction of costs by eliminating all unnecessary expenses. The rest...

Also - In the Commons, was the last London Metropolitan strike due to communist maneuvers?

Le Petit Journal illustré

Page four - News through images, comedians and their sporting event, the picturesque Paris-Brest cycle race, the start is given by Tristan Bernard

And do you know the origin of Paris-Brest, the little treat composed of a crunchy choux pastry filled with a praline mousseline cream, sprinkled with flaked almonds... and in the shape of two superimposed wheels... and Pierre Giffard? But watch out for the competition from the Bretons, Normandy is getting in on the action, the new Norman pastry, a revisited Paris-Brest.

Page eight - Cinema across France. In the land of “Icelandic Fisherman”. Jacques de Baroncelli shoots the film, based on the novel by Pierre Loti, in Paimpol with a photo of a scene with the Paimpol women in period costume at the time of the sailors' departure.

The film and the little Bignole game, find the scenes described in the article. And the book to download (130MB)

Page ten - La Bignole's weekly recreations with chess, checkers and mind games and curiosities with a double metagram, several charades, crossing and homonymic logos, square words, anagram and phew, that's all. Of course the solutions of May 25

Le Petit Parisien

Page two - Our laws, in fact, are almost always devoid of practical sense and psychology. The chronicle of Maurice Prax.

Le Petit Écho de la mode

Page six - The housewife's weekly notebook, with seasonal recipes and always a selection of dishes for lunch and dinner. All that remains is to compose the menu yourself - 169 fish shells - 170 Tunisian-style filet mignons. It's beef fillet and you need 4 artichokes - 171 eggplant fritters - 172 turnip purée with cream - 173 lobster escalopes, but for the recipe, you have to live by the sea. The lobster must be cooked in sea water, all accompanied by a shrimp coulis - 174 breaded beef brisket. An original recipe for ribs, but not easy to make, but it's the home cricket -

And a century later: Outdated vegetable, "too long to cook and eat", why the Breton artichoke could disappear from our plates. But despite everything, tinged with a certain nostalgia... the chef admits: the artichoke is a bit like his Proust madeleine. He prefers it natural, a memory of having eaten it small in front of the fireplace, leaf by leaf, with his family. For other forgotten century-old recipes for artichokes, there is no shortage of them in La Bignole, which loves them! And there still remains the World Artichoke Throwing Championship. It's simple but physical! 

And the artichoke recipes from La Bignole: cold artichokes with pepper sauce - barigoule artichokes - artichokes with white sauce 

22 juin 1924 06 juillet 1924