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25  26 juin 2024   ..

The start is given, the elections are quickly approaching. Watch out for the falls in the Grand Prix du Palais-Bourbon, a Steeplechase, run this year over a particularly short distance. It even smells a little like the general excitement in the different stables. But surely, those involved have all read: How do you become a deputy? There is the hereditary path, the path of the good profession of the bar...the essential guide by Jules Véran, "how do you become a deputy, senators, minister"

June 26, Messidor 8 of the French republican or revolutionary calendar, officially called shallot day. That's good, political news seems to be a race for shallots. Be careful of the peelings, so a new guide "How to make a good political shallot soup without too many peelings?"

Rejoiced? Indifferent? Mockingbirds...!

"Surprised", "concerned" or "full of hope", our Italian neighbors are following the elections in France with interest... "It could make the script of a good Monicelli film!” In the office of the Mayor of Settimo Torinese (Piedmont), the incredible scene of Eric Ciotti, the president of the “Les Républicains” party, holed up in his Parisian office did not go unnoticed. (france3)

La Bignole's film advice: Mario Monicelli and the Pigeon.

The film evokes a gang of thugs pathetic people who attempt an incredible theft...

Travelers set up their caravans near an office vote, the authorities give them an ultimatum (france3)

Suspicions of proxy fraud : “they come to the homes of elderly people”, an unprecedented and illegal phenomenon. It was liberal nurses who raised the alarm with their representative. In recent days, several patients have told them that they had received unusual visitors. (france3)

"Let's give white children a future", the controversial poster has been removed, the prosecution opens an investigation.. . (france3)

"A way of existing", these candidates with confusing campaign posters... As a viking, ax in hand, on a beach..."Paris, here we come again!"..."Afterwards, I didn't choose Snow White, I'm doing it locally. I'm proud of my territory and my Norman origins." With a kitten in my arms... So why a little white kitten? “It brings sweetness to political life…”. (francebleu)

This one is "Storm" and for other famous cats, politicians and other personalities...

Candidate Les Républicains of Chartres, he is testing in real life... parachuting... (actu.fr)

Controversy surrounding Xavier Kemlin's campaign posters... Xavier Kemlin, the great-grandson of Geoffroy Guichard, the founder of Casino, is , at 67, candidate for the legislative elections in the 1st constituency of the Loire. On his electoral material (posters and leaflets) he poses in the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium. (francebleu)

Justice authorizes candidate Amy Bah to display his support for the New Popular Front on his leaflets against Aurélien Le Coq, rebellious candidate invested in Lille (france3)

dirty laundry is washed at home...

"In my constituency, it will be La France insoumise or me", Olivier Véran is representing himself in Isère... While he had announced that he would put aside neurology to launch into a new discipline, cosmetic surgery, Olivier Véran reversed his decision. He should soon be a neurologist again at Grenoble University Hospital. “We read and hear a lot about precariousness these days but the best thing for me is to hear the testimonies of people in difficulty, that they are in front of me and that we can talk about it”,

Ah yes! This it was last year while he was government spokesperson... and he has a sense of sacrifice, to start again "politics" to the detriment of medicine... a saint!

Just a little publicity...

Social networks are "a political battlefield"... As a general rule, politicians' accounts are currently managed by teams, by community managers, by young people who know these codes... it's hyper professionalized  (francebleu)

...to sell his latest book. Nothing new, except for the naive who imagine they are in direct contact with their "stars".

Sarah El Haïry apologizes after her comments on homophobic violence... The Minister Delegate for Children, Youth and Families is a candidate. (actu.fr)

"In Paris, people don't know how to place Auxerre on a map" deplores Victor Albrecht -Renaissance- (francebleu)

Victor Albrecht takes the Parisians for imbeciles on the one hand. On the other hand, did it occur to him that: “Barely thirty people attended this public meeting.” could mean: that no one is interested in it?

The standoff continues in court between Valerie Jacq (NFP) and Sophie Dumont ( RN) in Côte-d'Or... "This qualification of 'slanderous denunciation' was formulated by the gendarmerie to which we lodged a complaint, and this was apparently not the appropriate qualification" regrets Maître Patrick Audard, l Valérie Jacq's lawyer... The New Popular Front candidate is appealing this decision to the attorney general and is filing a complaint this time for "spreading false news"(francebleu)

The slanderous denunciation of artillery 226-10 of the penal code - The diffusion of false news according to Wikipedia

And: the "Fausses Nouvelles" according to René Clair and Maurice Chevalier, and the same theme "The dead man on the run" according to Paul Gury and Michel Simon.

Order of June 20, 2024 setting the program and the terms of the exam for the certificate of aptitude for the profession of lawyer

Legislative candidate, this elected official from Doubs has just been convicted of advocating terrorism... and ineligibility (sic... france3)

Stop! the “Political Cricket of Bignole”. Stop! too many ingredients ruin a dish. So to make up for a little recipe with shallots, that of a old-fashioned duck terrine, in a lunch offered by someone favored by fortune. Thank you Auguste Escoffier. Other shallots are to be discovered in the different recipes of La Bignole, in particular those of " Fireplace Cricket "

Enjoy your appetite and, above all, enjoy your digestion!

25 juin 2024