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11  13 juin 2024   15

"Saint Anthony opens the chickens' behinds." Saint Anthony of Padua, the boss who takes care of lost objects. Whether material, sentimental or spiritual, many prayers exist. What if there was a universal prayer for dear Anthony to find peace in the world? And that it works? But that's in fiction on Bignoflix. So back to reality with some fresh news, after the cold era of a few days ago and the confirmation of the resignation of the President of the Republic.

Some news from nature to refresh the spirits heated by the current times...

Ten days before summer, snow has made a surprise return to the Pyrénées-Orientales... (actu.fr)

And that's in the Alps, in a photo of bare-legged skiing...

"There is excess snow at altitude": ski resorts are opening for the summer season, with "extraordinary" conditions... There is excess snow. A first in about ten years on the Isère and Savoie sides... (france3)

Since we're talking about snow: 2030 Winter Olympics: the designation of the French Alps suspended pending the delivery of public guarantees... The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will vote on July 24 to award these Olympics to France, provided that the financial commitments of the State and the two regions concerned are finalized in the meantime... If the dissolution of the National Assembly by Emmanuel Macron did not worry IOC boss Thomas Bach on Monday, for whom the elections "will not disrupt the Olympics" in Paris, this political coup de théâtre complicates the awarding of the 2030 edition. (france3)

Oh really? But they slightly disrupt other sporting, cultural or family events, for example, and these are just a few examples, hassles, hassles, yes, but some Macroni: We feel like we're going back in time with these headlines, some time ago the cancellations because of a little creature named like a beer

"It's heartbreaking."...

End-of-year celebrations cancelled in several schools in Rennes because of the vote... (francebleu)

"We're cancelling the Olympics, the concert and the Celtic circle", the dismay of Breton mayors faced with the organisation of the elections... (france3)

The Ault triathlon (Somme) is cancelled... (actu.fr)

but also several events in the Pyrénées-Orientales before the legislative elections... (francebleu) etc, etc, etc...

...But the elections "are not going to disrupt the Olympic Games" in Paris, there's no need for the "pain-à-jouir"

La Défense Arena transformed into an Olympic swimming pool, "a complex project..." After the Games, the pools will be donated to Sevran and Bagnolet, in Seine-Saint-Denis (france3)

A parade between the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadéro as plan B for the Paris 2024 Olympics: "A scenario that maintains a semblance of a ceremony"... A plan B without an audience... Exit the 100,000 paying places planned on the lower banks of the Seine, and the 220,000 spectators invited to follow the ceremony as planned in plan A... it is very likely that everything will be cancelled, including the Olympics", assures the security source... The President of the Republic spoke of the possibility of a second ceremony "limited to the Trocadéro", or a fallback to the Stade de France, "because that is what is traditionally done", he said. The second hypothesis has since been abandoned. "It was not possible already because there is a rugby 7s match planned for this day to the SDF", assured a security source. (france3)

And there is one who had not consulted the agenda...

And what about plan "D"? A purely virtual ceremony, and thanks to donkey intelligence, avatars of all the actors of the ceremony will parade in front of screens that will reproduce the initial route

And the question of who will sing the song on July 26th remains open? Better than in London? There are refusals at least a few cables away

It's confirmed, missed the plunge! but it's not a "pain-à-jouir" who says it, but the Hidalguia Socialista Maiorem. And what about the Macronus Rex, Praefectus Regionalis and all the Nobilitas. and Praeses?

Swimming in the Seine: "It won't be on June 23", Anne Hidalgo postpones her plunge... "We're going to give ourselves time to get through the legislative elections and we'll come in July instead, but before the Games" (Anne Hidalgo)... The mayor nevertheless promised to make this "historic plunge" into the river before the Olympics, for which the State and the Paris region's local authorities have invested 1.4 billion euros in order to clean it up and make it swimmable. (france3)

And one last image...

Olympic flame: who is Nicolas Chaumier, the first torchbearer in Guyana? And in traditional Teko outfit, a Native American people...! This is an exception made by the Olympic committee. Torchbearers must generally wear an outfit designed by Paris 2024: "the uniforms are unisex and white, symbolizing peace, unity and brotherhood between peoples..." "A mixed-race person who does not know where he comes from is like a house without a pillar. He must know who he is" (guyane1ere)

So, after a security source mentioned the cancellation of the Olympic Games, what about a postponement of the Grand Prix du Palais-Bourbon, also called the race for shallots, a slight detail that sticks, or funny mathematics: is 20 equal to 19? What level is it in the reform of knowledge?

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