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15  18 juin 2024   ..

An edition in music and images, normal it’s “Shit in France”. “Poop poum, poop poum”, but that was 40 years ago.

And as it's the United Nations Sustainable Gastronomy Day, La Bignole thought of an extraterrestrial cabbage soup for tonight before going to bed, especially since it's a party (micro or even inter-) national quasi-utopian or even uchronistic (Asgardia's National Unity Day), with a future extra-atmospheric space vocation (beyond the current nations of the lower world)

What is Asgardia? Asgardia is the first space nation...

So return to earth after this express takeoff and good slide into a fight, not of roosters, the same one that crows with its feet in the... although, with the current race for shallots we are indeed talking about muddy and nauseating battles, but a fight in the glamorous slush

Slush, slush

We don't care, but it's good in these times...

Iggy Pop plays a song by Les Inconnus in his music show on the BBC... "C'est toi que je t'aime" by a "troupe of French comics", which he defines as "a punk nugget" thanks to its melody. Discoveries that he has been offering to BBC listeners every Sunday for a month and the launch of his show. (francebleu)

The cuteness of La Bignole: the reaction, when we ask the question: what do you think of politics?

“For you I will retake my baccalaureate, I will be polite to your mother, I will vote for…” It’s you that I love

And obituary news unfortunately forgets, with time, with time, everything goes away.

But the BBC is also in the spotlight on today, June 18. And for gourmets, there are some veal recipes on the shallot race page

Baccalaureate 2024: truth, art, nature, discover the subjects of the philosophy test (francebleu)

English hood, French letter and fun mathematics. And what does Antoine think?

250,000 condoms provided by an Alsatian company at the Olympics: "the physical activity is very intense! ...even if apparently, the beds were designed not to be conducive to coming together!" (francebleu)

But: The figure remains lower than the quantity of condoms distributed during the Rio Olympic Games in 2016. (huffingtonpost.fr)

Total parity at Olympics

The athletes' cardboard beds can be seen here, during the inauguration by the "most athletic" President. As a bonus: the President in action in photos and videos, of course with boxing gloves.

Who is the most pontifical President, and not “Ponétif”, of France? As if it is necessary for a president to be "the most sporty in France"

A study and a parliamentary commission are required: determine the proportion of female and male mechanical contraceptives used during the 2024 Olympics based on nationality and penis size. But these are studies in Bignoland

The joker: coitus interruptus politicus

Fun math exercise: Knowing that 10,500 athletes are qualified with strict parity between women and men, and that several events are mixed, how many athletes does that make on average? Establish condom consumption based on nationality and penis size

And to finish off with the Olympic Games, a major PR coup: Paris 2024 in figures: all record-breaking Games.

Let's hope it's not the record for poor organisation.

This is practical Europe

Coolers have replaced suitcases”: meat, hygiene products, oil... faced with inflation, people from Marseillais do their shopping in Spain. (france3)

A century-old activity

Morbihan: they walked 100 kilometres at 6 kph... and passed their Audax 100-kilometre certificate... "because it's an activity that clears the head and gets you going" (actu.fr)

And the Audax Pédestres Féminins, 50 kilometres on foot in less than 12 hours and the need for team spirit, that was a century ago: walking in a group at a pace set by a road captain, dressed as tourists, sportswear being strictly forbidden...

Warning: invasion of extra-terrestrials in the countries of the Celts...

Perros-Guirec (Côtes-d’Armor). A floating Anthénea “saucer” to rent this summer in the port... “An atypical experience in the French tourist landscape” (actu.fr)

And a year ago in Lannion, or two

In video: The saga of cabbage soupvignette in Breton country. As a bonus, the recipe for a cabbage soup or Drouguet soup, according to Auguste Escoffier, and the cabbage soup from Grillon du foyer

Thierry Luron would have loved it... Thierry LE LURON's Labrador, "Teddy", has just passed away. The artist would have wanted him to be buried with him but the mayor of Perros-Guirec, in Côtes-d'Armor, refused

And Teddy in action on stagevignette  with his master as Monsieur Glandu. And here: Guy LUX presents Thierry LE LURON, playing the character of "Monsieur Glandu", and arriving on the set with his black labrador. Start of the sketch with Guy Lux.

And according to the latest information from La Bignole, Benoît Roussel, the mayor of Arques in the North, would consider offering sinking saucers to his constituents

The man whose ear the trees pamper

He recreates musical instruments from the Middle Ages, meeting Olivier Féraud, archaeo-luthier! ...Olivier chooses his woods when they are still in the form of trees. Maple, alder, walnut, he lets them dry until they speak to him. (france3)

Tastes and colors...

A few days before the Paris Olympics, the Champs-Élysées unveil their new face... The most beautiful avenue in the world has revealed its new face... From McDonald's to Pierre Hermé, almost all establishments have adopted these same vagaries English entries into modernity. (actu.fr)

English cowery, a term that one could read in a small comment in La Bignole of yesteryear and perhaps in current British newspapers. No, these are just comments from across the Atlantic: Emmanuel Macron is playing Rishi Sunak, (Forbes)

...French-English cowries?

It's crazy ! Production of one-liter Perrier bottles stopped after contamination, Gard factory threatened... (france3)

And still on the subject of fresh water, in rue de la Bignole, there are two shops, in one they sell water and the other sells milk, the first one is not nice, ah how ugly the flow of water isvignette

Always and again fries!

The constant smell of fries is crazy”: an association of local residents opposes the establishment of the Agristo factory in Escaudoeuvres (North)... Before wondering about the impact of 1, 26 million cubic meters of water which will be pumped into the water table and to conclude that if the leaders of Agristo convinced the municipal council with an "American show" and arguments on employment and professional tax, the Agristo group's communication remains "nebulous and utopian". (france3)


Other French fries stories with Mouleville-Friteville in Calvados, presidential gastronomy and the visit of President Emmanuel Macron visits a French fries factory

15 juin 2024