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les infos de La Bignole

19  22 juin 1924  ..

Le Provençal de Paris

Page one - President Gaston Doumergue, an atypical portrait with a brief mention of his political past, but above all some intimate details, like those we like to repeat to each other in the family: a detailed description of his home in his native country, including furnishings and paintings, his grandmother's spinning wheel, his ancestors, his upbringing in Aigues-Vives, the schooling of 'Gastounet', his reading and a poem in his own hand, signed 'Gaston Doumergue, simple troubade de 2 ème classe'.

And Gaston Doumergue's Facebook page, a fictional autobiography based on real events

Aigues-Vives in the Gard

And on the same page - Three previously unpublished poems by J.H. Fabre. They are: le Mulot, le Grillon et le papillon and above all a sensational novelty: the reproduction of the author's music for la Libellule with the handwritten score, on the occasion of the announced publication of "Poésies françaises et provençales" before the winter.

Jean-Henri Fabre, French entomologist, scientist, humanist, naturalist and poet. His laboratories, his cat Jaunet, and more than 1,000 works to consult, listen to and download, providing an opportunity to prepare a wide range of winter reading by the fireside.

Page two - A Willette exhibition at the Galerie Lochard at 182 boulevard Saint-Germain in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. Gracious or tragic little marvels, such as the "projet du trumeau" or the series of the 7 deadly sins, a 20-metre long frieze and other works to discover.

Adolphe Léon Willette

And on the same page - A report on the Aïoli festival in Crécy-en-Brie, an annual gastronomic event celebrating this dish.


Page one - The accident of Pelletier Doisy in Shanghai, with a forced landing on the golf course.

Same page - Dumini, who took part in the murder of Giacomo Matteotti, denounces his accomplices.

Page two - the curiosities can be found at the Hôtel Drouot and the Galeries Petit, with paintings, miniatures and various art objects

Page five - The traditional weekly chess game, played on June 8 in the France-Holland match, problem number 186 and last week's solution, problem number 185

Page six - And in pictures, among others, the great Paris steeplechase at the recently renovated Auteuil racecourse, a brief concerning Messrs. Mallory and Irvine, victims of Everest and Mr. Merlin's trip to Japan, governor general of Indochina


Page three - Landru's villa, a haunted house project with an ectoplasm factory. The spirit of Landru, consulted by turntable, would be favorable. Any news?On sale again almost a century later, has it found a buyer ? Some think it is haunted, that it is imbued with a curse. The town should buy it and turn it into a museum, that would develop tourism, that’s for sure. According to the Dvf, no transfer occurred between December 31, 2018 and December 31, 2023 (section AV)  

Page four - Among the small exhibitions, Jean Peske, painter of trees, Madame Marthe Solange, alias Marthe Bonnard and the ingenuous imagination of her pastels, the watercolors of Monsieur Henri Lebasque, the paintings of Madame Mela Muter and the retrospective exhibition of George Lacombe

Jean Peské Marthe Bonnard Jean Peské
Henri Lebasque Mela Muter Georges Lacombe

And for the exhibitions a century later, coincidence of the calendar? La Bignole found in its calendar, the exhibitions of Monsieur Bonnard, “BONNARD AND JAPAN” presented at the Hôtel de Caumont, Aix-en-Provence, from May 3, 2024 to October 6, 2024

“BONNARD AND ORDINARY POETRY. VARIATIONS AROUND A VASE” organized and presented at the Bonnard museum, Le Cannet, from June 29, 2024 to November 3,

2024 MATISSE-BONNARD: FRIENDSHIPS” organized and presented at the Marguerite and Aimé Maeght Foundation, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, from June 28, 2024 to October 6, 2024 With in particular the table: The source or Nude in the bathtubA closer view is essential here by its great geometric rigor. The simplicity and simplicity of the composition conceal a complex play of diagonals. The body of the model, inscribed in the parallelepiped of the bathtub, forms a diamond. The angle of the folded leg draws a triangle with the edge of the bathtub. The elongated arm, parallel to the lines of flight, divides it into two equal parts. The head, at the intersection of three lines, is placed on the trajectory of a vertical going from the corner of the room to the left foot of the model. The restricted palette, dominated by the ocher of the body, contrasts with the nuanced whites of the bathtub and contributes to the economy of the composition (see Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris), 1917. Who is the model?


Page three - towards the application of the Dawes plan, a decisive phase in the question of reparations

Same page - Constantin Meunier: the Belgian workers' party exhibits its works.

Constantin Meunier

Always page three - Little stories from the big world and police officers with sensitive feet

And Also - Himalayan homicide: two English climbers kill themselves while climbing Everest. We will have to wait before this summit is conquered.


Page four - At the Assises, should we entrust the jurors with the task of inflicting the sentence?

Page six - The smoke that invades Paris

Same page - the town planning programs that Paris would like to see carried out by its city councilors

La Presse

Page one - evening reflections: the fear of collectivism after the elections, and the victory of the left cartel

Page two - While we wait for big houses, are we going to build small ones? We're already thinking about tiny houses, but that's nothing new.

Same page - A Japanese acrobat is the victim of a serious accident, it is an opportunity to question the removal of protective nets in circuses, and the unconscious cruelty of the public.

Le Figaro

Page one - the superstitions of Jean Moréas, who turned pale if he knocked over a salt shaker... between the superstitions which are the fruit of ignorance and those which are only glimmers of clairvoyance...

Jean Moréas

Le Petit Journal illustré

Page nine - For family fun: the porcelain tower, with porcelain plates and saucers and to avoid damage, there is also the possibility of making wooden plates

Page ten - For weekly recess, a very short week, chess, checkers and just a compound anagram. The solutions of May 18 are not forgotten

Same page - The fable of the snake and the file, an illustrated fable by La Fontaine, sponsored by Dentol and approved by La Bignole

Le Petit Parisien

Page one - was the Canton attack the work of a Chinese or a Russian?

Page two - a giant turtle weighing five hundred kilos was put up for sale at Les Halles

Page three - the story of the blue diamond which belonged to the Tsar of Russia is enriched with a new chapter.

Le Petit Écho de la mode

In the News - In the news, the women's outfits to wear during the Olympic Games.

And a century later?Suzie Kondi, with a little red Chania crocheted cotton top at 790 euros, the Petit Écho de la Mode would have loved it, obviously with a free pattern. Otherwise there is Vogue Collection - VOGUE Paris sweatshirt | Limited Edition already on sale, that's for the blue, and a little skirt: Miu Miu - Sablé miniskirt with pleated design for 1300 euros, a slightly dirty white! La Bignole greatly appreciates the finish at the bottom of the skirt, which goes perfectly with the gray Miu Miu or Prada corkscrew socks for friends  

Page three - As the days go by, a bird paradise, the island of Heligoland, between larks and golden-crested wrens, which darken the sky as they take flight, but also the Farne archipelago also in the North Sea, terrestrial paradises, the numbering of the roads of the vast Canadian plains of the state of Ontario and other little nuggets to discover.

Heligoland, whose avifauna is one of the most varied in Europe, with more than 370 species. And a century later? And the Farne archipelago, in the north-east of England

Page four - The housewife's notebook with some seasonal recipes. Of course a range of dishes for lunch and dinner. The composition of the menu is made according to everyone's pleasures. And the recipes for: 163 lamb braised with chicory - 164 Provençal-style eggplants - 165 duck with turnips with roast fat in butter - 166 Portuguese-style eggs - 167 Italian-style red mullet - 168 rhubarb tart, an English tart that is eaten cold.

As well as the good cuisine of France, the recipe for chicken with truffles, a work of the Marquis Cussy, who conquered the heart and stomach of Napoleon and a cooking process founded in physics. And Nîmes brandade, different from Cettoise brandade and Provençal brandade

A little more about the marquis and on French cuisine, physics, chemistry and molecular gastronomy, there is Hervé This a century later.

And just for fun, in video, Hervé This 10 years ago during the night of sciences, another dimension of cooking and gastronomy. You wouldn't look at your frichti the same way afterwards. It's not fun math, it's fun physics-chemistry. Courses to be urgently integrated into the shock reform of knowledge. And still molecular cuisine on video.

Page eight - Mind games with a charade, anagram, riddle, metagram and square words. Solutions from two weeks ago

19 juin 1924