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les infos de La Bignole

08  12 juin 1924  15


Page one - After the resignation of the President of the Republic, a comment on the letter addressed to citizens.

Page two - God save heads of state from politics. It is on a disease of the vine that La Fourchardière bases his column.

Also on page two - The letter of the President of the Republic addressed to the French to explain his resignation

Still on page two - Landru: notice to fans, because his villa is up for auction. It could be a good deal!

Page three - The resignation of the President of the Republic commented on by foreign newspapers. Few complain about it.

Same page - Short stories from the wide world: notably times of crisis, and William Shakespeare who is no longer popular in England.

Still on page three - A woman has her heart on the right... And her wallet on the left? This happens less than once in ten thousand times.

L'Écho de Paris

Page one - Page one - The President of the Republic resigns, all the newspapers do their analysis according to their sensitivity.

La Presse

Page One - The Gods are Thirsty. Another comment on the resignation of the President of the Republic.

08 juin 1924 15 juin 1924