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22  25 juin 2024   26

On the occasion of the date of birth, which coincides with the date of death of Georges Courteline (but Bignole does not reveal the year to you, let's take advantage of his news for a while without a funeral eulogy), a small frandole of cuteness concerning him: Is French cheerfulness in danger? The answer</ span> by Georges Courteline. His thoughts on Molière. Music lovers are not forgotten: The linnets "Boby I adore you ", an operetta in 3 acts taken from the novel by G. Courteline, music by Édouard Mathé and lyrics by R. Dieudonné and C.-A. Carpenter. And for the friends of our four-legged animals: his cat is called Saint-Médard !

A little less cheerful these days, the birth of George Orwell it was 119 years ago and what remains of "1984" published in June, a dystrophy? The opportunity to see or rewatch Brazil, almost a film forty-year-old.

But first, back to the present and reality with the Bignole of the day. Tomorrow will be another day, perhaps with a "forward to the past" with an update on the preparation for the shallot race grand prix, nicknamed the grand-steeple du Palais-Bourbon, but that will depend on the shallots or baseness collected in the basket of the three jokes of La Bignole

Explosive new technologies...

Fire of a velobus in Eure- et-Loir: they are not approved, “a national scandal”? ...These electrically assisted rosalies were to allow students from the Saint-Bomer school to go on outings in the forest... “It looked like there were fireworks in the town when there was had the noise » (actu.fr)

but that was not to welcome this virtuous means of transport with dignity

And not so long ago: Explosion of an electric car parked near the house: "ours was not part of a series recalled"

And just a few days later: The electric car of the president of the Lot department catches fire in the community parking lot, the agents evacuated. (france3)

But there is also and this is just an example: Loire. The scooter explodes in an apartment: a baby and a child injured... The explosion of electric scooters is often caused by the Lithium-ion battery. The latter can easily overheat and lead to fires or explosions. (actu.fr)

And unfortunately a not-so-miscellaneous fact: South Korea</ span>: an explosion in a lithium battery factory kills 22. (leparisien.fr)

And a little closer: Fire of a factory in Aveyron</a >: 900 tons of lithium batteries burn, no proven risks... “It was a real fireworks display, it exploded in all directions. » (ouest-france.fr)

And always by chance of the calendar, in video, fire exercise on electric batteries</span > at the Cherbourg fire station... This is why it is recommended not to charge your bike, your car, your cell phone, your drone, your scooter... without supervision inside the home because it is often the cause of a fire. (francebleu)

Hello poor people and vocabulary: #refugees? What do migrants think?

Mauritius: in the top 8 of havens for millionaires... It is ahead of Australia, Switzerland, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Malta and Monaco....Wealthy businessmen from France, South Africa, Germany and the United Kingdom benefit from a residence permit which not only allows them to settle down, to retire, work, or invest... (francetvinfo.fr)

Mauritius, ;    the country,  and how to create a Trust, in case of a small gain Lotto. And to dream a little more: the discovery of the treasure of the famous pirate Olivier Levasseur, known as La Buse in Mauritius

22 juin 2024