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15 juin 1924

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La Bignole had forgotten a birthday during the previous edition, that of Aloïs Alzheimer, normal. So she pulls herself together and doesn't forget that of Roland Dorgelès, who imagined placing a plaster statuette in a gallery of the Louvre only to go, a few weeks later, shout that it was fake and break it before the terrified eyes of the guard. . It was also he who shaved in front of the Rembrandts which had just been fitted with mirrors. But it's in the colorful Banana Republic.

So for the Tournez carousel of the French Republic, Bignole did not take her ticket and is skipping her turn today. She prefers to take you for a little tour in the whirlpools and spray of the Atlantic Ocean. Strap on your life jacket, the Gulfstream and other currents take you away from land

There is a lot of roofing work in progress, there is news from the community of Tristan da Cunha, after the expansion of the cemetery, and an "Old Year's Night 2023/24" like no other, with King Charles III , a new photo report on this island at the end of the world, escape and smile guaranteed

It is difficult work that always requires the help of a large group of men and women. The men install the frame and the roof. Meanwhile, the women are busy cooking and making tea and coffee for the hungry crowd...and an old island tradition of collecting women's underwear from newly roofed houses and nailing them up in plain sight all. These are mostly new pairs that will never be worn due to stretching and nail holes, but it's always a good laugh. (tristandacunha.com)

What does the Mayor of Saint-Raphaël think about it, panties in plain sight? Shocking! Let's take them down!

And still on the Atlantic Ocean side, but this time in the Northern Hemisphere, the Azores...

A recruitment of 8 lighthouse keepers from the Region... the staff responsible for operating the 16 lighthouses of the archipelago should be made up of 34 professionals, but only 26 lighthouse keepers are part of it (diariodosacores.pt)

Some news from lighthouse keepers in France:

Lighthouse keeper: a vanished profession, worth listening to (france3)

Serge Coatmeur, the last lighthouse keeper at sea in France, to listen to (france3)

The last keeper of the Pontusval lighthouse in Brittany has just passed away (huffingtonpost)

But also...

Keeper of the Amédée lighthouse: Moana Avi's dream job (New Caledonia)... 400 m long, 270 m wide and a lighthouse dating from 1862 which is the largest metal lighthouse in France, the Amédée islet. (New Caledonia 1st)

Michael is the new keeper of the Erquy Lighthouse (Côtes-d’Armor) (actu.fr)

And here they are the lighthouse keepers of the future...

Embark with the guards of the largest wind farm in France, a high-risk profession. Be careful of vertigo! ...Every day, while the sun timidly lights up the sparkling sea, EDF technicians meet at their logistics base in La Turballe (Loire-Atlantique)...Safety rules are strict in this industrial zone. Boaters have the right to sail there... (france3)

And the little riddle of Bignole

And on the literary side with finally a return to the Azores: Presentation of “Lady Bobs, Her Brother and I: A Romance of the Azores” by Jean Chamblin, the first time translated into Portuguese, published in 1905. La Bignole did not find this book to download

The latter wrote the screenplay for a short film “Retour à la vie simple” or “Back to the Simple Life” from 1914 directed by Ashley Miller

Still in the North Atlantic, but a little further south...

Music in Cape Verde: when art becomes a national issue. On the archipelago, a quarter of jobs come from this industry. Enough to push Cape Verdean politicians to make it a real “national priority”. (france24.com) A report worth watching.

Some musicians elsewhere must be dreaming!

And: Discover the first Miss Cape Verde Europe! His victory doesn't just represent a title; it is a platform that she plans to use to amplify messages related to the creation of the nurse anesthetist school in Cape Verde... (latina.fr)

In another ranking...

...the one who classifies the islands according to the greatest number of tourists, it must also be well positioned:

In one year, 94,290 people welcomed in Lampedusa, a problem of overtourism? And depending on the class you're traveling in, it will cost between 700 euros and a no-frills maritime burial. (agenzianova.com)

A documentary to watch on Arte: Migration pact: the disappointment of the Lampedusa doctor 6 minutes, available until April 12, 2025

And a different look at tourism vignette , the second Italian island, Sardinia.

Return to the Atlantic, after this short escapade in the Mediterranean...

The lack of work schedule at Fernando de Noronha Airport worries the tourism sector and despite the arrival of the asphalt plant on the island for resurfacing works... Since October 2022, the National Agency of Civil Aviation (Anac) banned large planes, such as Boeings and jets, from landing on the island, because the airport runway had cracks and holes... (globo.com)

Maybe it's better to go sailing?

However, some not-so-diverse facts:

A taxi driver accused of traffic offenses leading to the death of a motorcyclist. This is the first case of crimes against life on the island, which is why it was necessary to hold the jury on the island. (globo.com)

Or such miscellaneous facts:

And here it's just to smile, because we don't care: Patrícia Ramos and her stay in a luxurious hostel in Fernando de Noronha, normal since April, there is now access to the 5G network on the island, it's is the TIM operator who takes care of it (vogue.globo.com)

And to stay in Brazil, an island a little less welcoming for tourists, the island of Queimada Grande, located about 35 kilometers from the coast of the state of São Paulo, its old lighthouse, long deserted and now automated.

This island is located a stone's throw from the cove where a chapter of the extraordinary adventures of Adrienne Bolland took place, not far from the Sao Sébastien canal. Fortunately his seaplane did not run out of fuel a few miles further south.

Go to the playa!

And back on dry land after the wakes in the Atlantic...

Tintin in the world of the painter Hopper: an artist sentenced to pay 20,000 euros. The Breton artist represented the most famous reporter in paintings inspired by the American painter Hopper. A way to question the world about sexuality and bring smiles to life. Today he makes a face. (france3)

Chinese tourists perplexed, the time to pee is counting down... They are listed as a UNESCO world heritage site and three million visitors came last year: the Buddhist caves of Yungang in China. Now, a new addition to the tourist hotspot is causing irritation: digital screens have been installed above the women's toilet cubicles! (bild.de)

For older children, an opportunity to acquire a life-size meccano...

Fiasco of the French pavilion in Dubai: the 36 million euro building sold off as a pile of scrap metal by the CNES... a model of sustainable and demountable architecture... According to the Domaine auction website, June 12, 2024, the 870 tonnes of scrap metal were sold for 269,700 euros and the aluminum would not have found a buyer. (france3)

What happens to the Meccano of our childhood?

And an update, get out your tissues: the factory is officially closing... (francebleu)

A big thank you to Jacques Maire, son of Edmond Maire, for this superb operation!

And the last one, almost... Hip Hip Hip Hooray!

Euro 2024: Portugal is the European champion... of the penis. Portugal wins: with an average height of 15.14 cm, it narrowly won in the final against France with 15.12 cm. (bild.de)

...to your measuring tapes, gentlemen!

And for more serious things, there remains the edition of the Bignole of yesteryear and a little contemporary minardise, like Tournicoti tournicoton of the republican merry-go-round, the Bignole can't help it, she loves roller coasters. Who grabs the pom-pom to take the next free or even well-paid ride?

And the political word of the weekend: we must withdraw! A coitus interruptus politicus

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