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04  08 juin 2024   11

For several decades and until 2014, the charitable association "Noël aux Halles" offered an exceptional evening to elderly people in the center of Paris in the rotunda of La Bourse de Commerce, in Paris, by organizing a New Year's Eve show at night. even Christmas. The Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry lent the place to this association every year. The Stock Exchange, which was privately owned, was bought in 2017 for 86 million euros by the City of Paris, which then entrusted its management to a subsidiary of Artémis via a 50-year lease.

40 years later, what remains of “1984” published on June 8, a dystrophy? A premonition? Science fiction? Contemporary information is sufficient in itself. Finally, if the news of June 8, 2024 was just a simple page in a quarantine anticipation novel “2024”. And what to write in a dystrophic novel “2064”? Well, there the Bignole loses its Latin or its algebra and without doing numerology or amusing mathematics (8 = 2 ×4 and 6 = 2+4 and 4 = 2+2) for 2024 or (8-2=6 and 6+2=8 and 8÷2=4) for 2064, all that remains is to take a dip, not in the Seine, but in the news and recreations of June 8, 1924 (damn, the 1 is in too much, whatever 9-1=8)

1984 to download here in French, there in English, and there in German

Little hiccups of the week

D-Day: on the market, this commune in the Orne department plays "Maréchal nous voilà" by mistake... The tourist office in Le Mêle wanted to please with a "D-Day" playlist... The mayor, Jean-Dimitri Photopoulos, says he is saddened by this unintentional blunder. "I can only too well understand the emotions of some Mêlois on this painful day of remembrance in French history. (actu.fr)

And a year ago: At Le Mêle-sur-Sarthe (Orne) the mayor is not "up to speed" with local laws

Le Mêle-sur-Sarthe

On reflection, it was a mistake”: Why British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak apologizes after 80 years of D-Day... “The last thing I want is for the commemorations to be overshadowed by politics” (france3)

Rishi Sunak

The Les Républicains party files a complaint against Christian Estrosi for "identity theft"... The Republicans filed a complaint against the mayor of Nice this Thursday for "identity theft" and "misappropriation of files". Now a member of the presidential majority, he is accused of having used files belonging to the LR party to send invitations to Valérie Hayer's "Need for Europe" meeting. (francebleu)

Gabby and Valou in concert, Need for Europe

Gabriel Attal invites himself into an interview with Valérie Hayer: "Women are not doormats"... Valérie Hayer tried... to put an end to this controversy by denouncing an instrumentalization of "the feminist cause" and declaring herself proud to have Gabriel Attal by her side (france3)

Because she's worth it ?

Talented and authentic?

Gabriel Attal in Saint-Denis-d'Anjou (Mayenne), the village of Valérie Hayer: "Valérie is talented and authentic" (france3)

Better and better...

Gabriel Attal in Mayenne to close the campaign: “Valérie Hayer, it’s roots and wings” (fr.news.yahoo.com)

...and what does Olivia think of “roots and wings”, those of France 3, “it’s easy, it’s the boring stuff!

...and the ministers came to hold a “republican banquet”...Marc Fesneau (Agriculture and food sovereignty), Sarah El Haïry (in charge of Children, Youth and Families) and Christophe Béchu (Ecological Transition) . As for the public, only the activists received an invitation... '(Ouest-France)

Republican banquet: because paid for by the Republic. Would leaders, elected or not, consider themselves artists...? It smacks a bit of the Ancien Régime, or the Indian caste system, or... it smacks of what we want but not the Republic.

Finally, a happy end, after the hectic week, but not necessarily in the polls, according to the latest surveys... (francebleu)

Happy ending? Like in Christmas stories?

Et des couacs qui datent ?

"I was taken for a madman": 20 years ago, he warned about the tiger mosquito in Seine-et-Marne... The source of the mosquitoes: close to his home, there was a tyre dealer, mainly from China... The mosquito was locked up in a jar and he decided to tell people about it, particularly the elected representatives who were in office at the time. "We gave it to them, but the authorities never followed up..." (actu.fr). 

And in January 2007, it was not the mosquito, but the avian flu with a simulated pandemic...

“If the avian flu virus adapted to humans, the massive distribution of antivirals in the most affected poor countries would be the best way to slow the progression of the pandemic before a vaccine is developed. .. Although a few cases of transmission from animals to humans have already been observed, avian flu is currently only transmitted between birds. However, experts fear that the virus will mutate and end up being transmitted from person to person, triggering a pandemic that will affect millions of people around the world. »

The study: Modeling the global spread of pandemic influenza -to read-: reference cases and containment interventions -in English- to download (plos.org)

And in March 2024...: Transmission of avian flu to humans: the WHO is alarmed, specialists are tempering... “What is happening in the United States is very surprising, but we must remain cautious. This does not mean that this virus in cattle is more adapted to humans. There is no short-term alarm...The WHO has recorded 880 human cases of H5N1 influenza infection in 23 countries over the past 20 years (from 2003 to 2024). 463 died, a mortality rate of 52%. Recent example, this nine-year-old child in Cambodia, carrier of the H5N1 strain, died in February. (france3)

...and in June 2024: H5N2 avian flu claims its first human victim... (futura-sciences.com)

Let's get back to more down-to-earth things...

Emulators of Kim Jong-un?

With around 150 tonnes of dry poop and pee, the “Great Sun of the 21st Century”, would consider proposing a twinning between Pyongyang and Rennes, in order to optimize the reuse of surplus production in Rennes.

it is not an accident like the accidental spill of 50,000 m3 into the Seine: Sewage sludge dumped in fields near Rennes: "A terrible smell of shit..." This ecological means advocated by Rennes Métropole allows farmers to use natural fertilizers rather than synthetic...this stench comes from sludge from sewage treatment plants. These famous residues, which are first dried and then recycled by Rennes Métropole, are then reused... This recycling is the result of a political decision and a “circular economy logic” (actu.fr)

Emulating Belphégor?

Escorted by the police and excluded from a public meeting, this Val-d'Oise resident speaks out... Aylan Belili, aged 19, was escorted from a public meeting by the municipal police...". You can't be mayor and be satisfied that there are only two people under the age of 30 at a meeting. It's tragic"..."... The decision was taken to remove him for security reasons... the form of the question did not correspond to a public meeting" (actu.fr)

Soisy-sous-Montmorency and the mayor, Luc Strehaiano, whose 2014-2020 municipal term was marked by several court cases...

Other more or less recent news...

Is democracy respected in this commune of Val-d'Oise...? The fifth term of mayor (LR) Luc Strehaiano seems “particularly difficult” to them as opponents... “Luc Strehaiano has all the powers. We have difficulty in the opposition having all the information and they are trying to divide us..." Finally, the councilor finds that "the residents are particularly involved. I respect the rights of minorities, we treat them well. » (actu.fr)

What does Aylan Belili think of respect for the rights of minorities and the 93,200 euros to come out of the toad of public money, that is to say paid by the taxpayer ?

The La Vague swimming pool market in Soisy-sous-Montmorency was indeed illegal: ...the courts had considered a posteriori that this application should have been rejected from the outset: it was based on a "bad collective agreement", more favorable to employers and less remunerative for employees... it also allowed Ellipse to offer a “less expensive” offer and therefore to benefit from “the maximum score” on the price criterion. (actu.fr)

The Plaine Vallée urban community, chaired by... Luc Strehaiano.

And after the waves, the turnstile: In Soisy-sous-Montmorency, the historic merry-go-round in the shopping center will close: “It’s absurd! » (leparisien.fr by subscription)

...and generally, when it's not fresh... it stinks!

The cold era: it is not the announcement of a new climate change, but a new geo-political period of the 21st century...

Russian espionage in Biarritz: He accuses her of having brought a Russian spy into the town hall, she sues him... (francebleu)

Russian espionage in Biarritz: Pierre Haffner, opponent of Putin, fined 10,000 euros for defamation... (francebleu)

Russian espionage in Biarritz: Pierre Haffner, Putin's opponent, appeals his conviction for defamation... (francebleu)

Video montages, false articles, tags: "Russia's influence efforts are converging towards the Paris 2024 Olympic Games..." The questionable cleanliness of the Seine in which events are to be held is also a recurring angle of attack "The image of a three-eyed fish saying "The Seine is very clean!" would have been sprayed on the quays in the heart of Paris... (france3)

And the saga of the Olympian Seine, which is not a long quiet river: between “#JechiedanslaSeinele23juin”, a joke and on video; wastewater spilled into the Seine after a pump malfunction in Yvelines, an incident which lasted several weeks, a volume of effluent “estimated at 50,000 m3”; It's not a joke, but shush, otherwise you are considered "hard to cum".


And speaking of dives and jokes: Anne Hidalgo's swim in the Seine on June 23 "probably postponed..." In question, according to the town hall, the flow of the river "very strong" at the moment because of the rains of recent months... the French open water swimming team had planned a training session next Monday in the river in the heart of Paris to get used to the particular conditions in the Seine, training ultimately canceled, the quality of the water not 'being not sufficient... the excessively powerful flow is considered "dangerous" for swimmers, according to the prefecture. (francebleu)

This is official information, ultimately no need for false articles or foreign interference. However, according to the latest information from Bignole, a prefectural decree is being drawn up, in order to force the Seine to slow down its flow, under penalty of fines of 135 euros per cubic meter per second greater than 100. This is possible, to the extent that a river can have legal personality. (lavie.fr)

And cocorico the Rooster! The French Olympic jerseys will be ready, in principle, but we live in the land of exceptions...

“We are confident in the ability of Le Coq sportif to deliver the outfits”, according to David Lappartient... The company is faltering and the listing of its parent company has been suspended on the Swiss stock exchange because it has still not published its results of 2023... “Yes, it will be delivered. Yes, there is a little delay... but Le Coq sportif is undoubtedly the only brand in the world capable of equipping all these different sports..." (francebleu)

...and who will be at ease in the Seine because the rooster is one of the rare animals, if not the only one, to crow with their feet in...

Georgia: a controversial law on foreign interference adopted, Westerners and the UN condemn it... The law on “foreign interference”, inspired by legislation adopted in Russia to repress the opposition, has been passed Tuesday for final reading by Georgian deputies...Georgian President Salomé Zourabichvili, pro-European and former French diplomat in open conflict with the government, is expected to veto the text, but the ruling “Georgian Dream” party claims to have enough of votes to override it. (lavoixdunord.fr)


And the law aimed at preventing foreign interference in France, which awaits its promulgation, a law which provides for several measures in terms of transparency (register of foreign influence activities) and intelligence (use of algorithms, freezing of assets). The criminal response is also reinforced... Foreign threats, which mainly come from Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, are now at a high level in the context of a new "cold era"...Thus, any natural or legal person, regardless of their nationality, who promotes the interests of a foreign power to the French public authorities or the general public, will be subject to a reporting obligation... (viepublique.fr)

Law on foreign interference: “The Russians and Chinese are not the only ones, our allies too…” -to listen- (rfi.fr)

80 years of the D-Day landings: “The Americans are ready to face Putin”, says Joe Biden at Pointe du Hoc... (francebleu)

Pointe du Hoc, its erosion and an inventive solution... to preserve it. But the good question: can we preserve it?

And another war, lighter, the Franco-Italian battle of tri-cycles and anti-roll, which allows you not to put your feet on the ground at a red light.

Legal war between Piaggio and Peugeot over the three-wheeled scooter: Italian justice confirms the conviction for counterfeiting of Peugeot Motocycles... Piaggio... creator of the Vespa... and Peugeot Motocycles, now owned by the German Mutares and from the Indian Mahindra... three-wheeled scooters sell well in Europe, especially in France and Germany. (france3)

Still the tri-cycles: Did the President's bike have an anti-roll device? Maybe it was a gray Piaggio MP3, 3 wheels, 125 cm³!

And “real Dutch tri-cycles” or “Dutch tricycles” exist, but you have to pedal!

And that’s Europe! He becomes mayor of Burgui in Spain without wanting to: the crazy story of a “Terrifortain…”. The Terrifortain made a list with five other inhabitants to prevent the village from being placed under the supervision of the government of Navarre... "I had to learn Spanish, but even today it's complicated because things techniques of managing a town hall, even in our own language it is quite complicated. » Today, he enjoys being more comfortable in Spanish, to manage administration. (francebleu)


And to gain a little height, enjoy a graceful sound of nature, after this week which lacked a little gentleness in a world of brutes with...

a story that ends well: a rare bird released, after having been cared for for six months in the Landes... That of a Screaming Oedicnema... it is a bird which is not used to spending the winter in France, but in countries with milder climates, in Spain or North Africa. (francebleu)

Eurasian stone-curlew


« CORSICA RUMANA. UNE ÎLE MÉDITERRANÉENNE À L'ÉPOQUE ROMAINE » organisée et présentée au musée de Bastia du 5 juillet 2024 au 21 décembre 2024

« ARTE POVERA. TRECENTO MILIONI DI ANNI » organisée et présentée à la Bourse de Commerce - Pinault Collection, Paris, du 25 septembre 2024 au 24 mars 2025

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