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special edition of La Bignole June 3, 2024: excrement, sports and politics, on the centenary of Kafka's death: "Art is, like prayer, a hand outstretched in the darkness, which wants to grasp a share of grace to turn into a giving hand. »

And good digestion!

A bit of scatology...

#IshitintheSeineonJune23: “At first it was a joke, but everyone sees noon at their door…” The website which allows everyone to calculate “where and when to do their business so that it- this arrives in Paris on June 23"... "They have plunged us into shit, it's their turn to plunge into our shit" "...Since 2015, around 1.4 billion euros have been spent as part of the swimming plan »

The site, sponsored by the sugared almonds... you just have to wait for the right moment among these 8 minutes and 25 seconds of happiness, happiness and truth thanks to Coluche

But the Malaussène family also gets involved, a large collection of used baby diapers is launched.

People who have difficulty achieving an orgasm or experiencing pleasure are not affected by this information; on the other hand, those who are “not struggling to enjoy” should consider scuba-type equipment.

And meanwhile...

Paris 2024 Games: a collective denounces the expulsion of more than 12,000 homeless people in Île-de-France... (francebleu)

And auctions: Paris 2024 Olympics: nearly 13,000 people expelled outside Île-de-France according to associations which denounce “social cleansing”. (france3)

But a few kilometers away: national solidarity reigns around national excrement... Famine in North Korea, Kim Jong launched a national call for more productivity and it is controlled... in order to obtain the fertilizer necessary for the harvest, the North Korean population should go to the toilet more often... The share ranges from 200 kilograms of fertilizer for each household to 500 kilograms for everyone working in a public factory...exactly how the fertilizer is produced does not matter. “Homemade” includes everything...(frankfurterrundschau.de) article in FrenchAccording to leader Kim Jong-un, in order to obtain the fertilizer needed for the harvest, the North Korean population would have to go to the toilet more often. Pyongyang - Famine has reigned in North Korea for some time. Some time ago, the government announced that the famine was mainly linked to weather-related crop failures. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un announced today that fertilizer is also becoming scarce in the country. This is why the population should help to refill the reservoirs. In North Korea, fertilizer production is about as important as missile tests, two of which took place this week. Famine has worsened since the start of the coronavirus crisis and North Korea is categorically refusing aid deliveries due to strict regulations - and rejecting them at the border. Kim Jong-un also rejects fertilizer deliveries from China and South Korea. He therefore holds his people responsible. “This is an interesting report that shows how serious the crop situation is without the annual shipment of fertilizer from South Korea,” Victor Cha told The Daily Beast. Cha is responsible for North Korea at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC. The North Korean population should produce fertilizer, otherwise there will be sanctions__ To ensure that everyone produces enough excrement, according to Daily NK, stores will be closed to those who do not meet quotas. As Daily NK reports, fertilizer is the “first problem of the year” for North Korea. This is why the government is putting pressure on the population to identify themselves using a so-called fertilizer passport. They will probably succeed if they produce enough fertilizer for the country. The share varies from 200 kilograms of fertilizer for each household to 500 kilograms for everyone who works in a public factory. To give people more time to produce, markets in North Korea will open an hour later this month, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., instead of the usual 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Kim Jong-un calls on North Korean people to produce fertilizer According to the Daily Beast, it doesn't matter exactly how the fertilizer is produced. “Homemade” includes everything from human and animal feces to weeds or trash. Oxen, which are used in North Korea to dig fields instead of machines, are also an important source. According to the Pyongyang Times, a farm in the Pyongyang district dispersed "hundreds of tons of homemade fertilizer per hectare of vegetables." Meanwhile, another district reportedly produced 1.2 times more homemade potato fertilizer than last year. The veracity of these figures is questionable, however, because North Korean leader Kim Jong-un likes to disseminate such information in order to improve his country's external image. (msb)translation of the article published in www.fr.de

And in the event of excess fecal matter production, a reuse solution: Attack on South Korea by fecal balloonsNorth Korea Fecal balloon attack in the south North Korea has used balloons to send large quantities of garbage and excrement across the heavily fortified border into South Korea, according to the South Korean military. Some of the hundreds of balloons were also suspended from bags containing excrement, Korean daily JoongAng reported online. May 29, 2024, 11:57 a.m. Seoul's General Staff on Wednesday accused the isolated neighboring country of sending balloons across the border since Tuesday. As of Wednesday afternoon (local time), around 260 such balloons had been discovered. North Korea, led authoritarianly by Kim Jong Un, threatened on Sunday to send "heaps of waste paper and dirt" to border regions. South Korea will notice “how much effort it takes to eliminate everything,” the vice defense minister said in a statement. These measures will be a response to the sending of leaflets and trash from South Korea. This action follows North Korea's failed satellite launch and is also likely a propaganda diversion tactic. Pyongyang admitted its failure on Monday. Dictator Kim called on the military to resolve the issues and further develop its own reconnaissance capabilities from space. In his first statement on the failed satellite launch on Monday, Kim warned South Korea against unspecified "brutal" action. The objective was to respond to a military exercise carried out by South Korea with around twenty combat planes near the border shortly before the launch of the satellite, which he notably described as a “very dangerous provocation”. Reaction to gas balloons with leaflets__ For years, North Korean refugee organizations in South Korea have repeatedly carried out propaganda campaigns at the border, sending large gas balloons with leaflets calling for, among other things, overthrow of the leaders of Pyongyang. North Korea has repeatedly reacted angrily to such actions. Leaflet campaigns are controversial in South Korea. North Korea itself has also sent propaganda leaflets across the border with South Korea in the past. Under South Korea's previous liberal government, a law took effect in 2021 banning the sending of leaflets and other items along the military demarcation line between the two countries. The Constitutional Court lifted the ban last year, arguing that it disproportionately restricted freedom of expression. Photos released by the South Korean military show trash strewn across highways and streets in various parts of the country. In the capital Seoul, a timer was found, apparently meant to cause bags filled with excrement and dirt to open in the air. No damage caused by the balloons has been reported at this time. In a similar action by the North in 2016, cars were damaged, among other things.  

According to the latest confidential information from authorized circles with the World Avian Council, the French section of associated gulls and cormorants, soon to be joined by the section of Parisian pigeons, could participate in national solidarity (or partisan cleanliness, their acronyms, the PPPP or 5P ) in order to present a "clean Paris" to tourists from around the world during the 2024 Olympic Games. The Seine and its tributaries upstream of the Capital will now serve as public cesspools, thus buildings, official heads and others will be spared by untimely release of droppings.

A GPS application with flight plans and suitable landing locations will soon be available free of charge so that all birds in the region can join the movement: #coves, guano, even combat. It's the first turd that counts.

However, the parliamentary seagull dissociates itself from the movement, as a worthy representative of the Aves Politicus Nobilitas, preferring places of ease more consistent with its status.

But the Paris prefecture plans to extend the order prohibiting flights over the area concerned to any living object moving naturally in the air. This, following the attack on a police drone by a seagull,