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La Bignole announces the end of a French myth. Louis Daguerre was dethroned by a German and instead of the daguerreotype, we must now say the kobelléotype

Fortunately this discovery only occurred in the 21st century, otherwise many Corne d'Aurochs would never have immortalized moments of their lives and would not have been able to have photo albums. “Because he was a German, oh ford! oh ford! Because he was a German, oh ford! O ford!...". Furthermore, second year students were given the opportunity to do “Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney+” internships, because it’s in France, oh ford, oh ford, because it’s in France, oh ford , oh ford.

While waiting for some snapshots of the humid, steaming and odorous news, enjoy reading and enjoy your meal!

A bit of good news, a bit of bad news, an epidermal reaction from our good earth?

Earthquakes in the Pyrenees: scientists blame industrial wastewater discharges. A Franco-German team of researchers has just demonstrated in a study that the injection of industrial wastewater into the subsoil is responsible for these earthquakes..... Above all, they have found that ‘the seismic energy released is directly linked to variations in the volume of industrial water injected into the reservoir’...The site still includes a gas treatment plant, operated by TotalEnergies, which supplies local companies with energy and sulphur raw materials. ‘...but we have not had access to this information held by the manufacturers’ (france3)

and this is just the beginning: ‘With carbon dioxide sequestration projects and deep geothermal energy, the management of wastewater injections is a crucial issue’.

The study: Analysing 50 yr of the Lacq induced seismicity (Southwestern, France) highlights the role of fluid injection. (To download in English)

pique terre 20240530 0 vignettepique terre 20240530 0                  terre crevée 20240530 1 vignetteterre crevée 20240530 1 

When we want we can ! And what do some residents of Mayotte, Martinique or Guadeloupe think, just a few examples in recent news...

An underwater pipeline of several kilometers now allows this Mediterranean island to be self-sufficient in drinking water... Around 300 inhabitants live there all year round. With the installation of the sealine, an underwater pipe 5.2 kilometers long and 20 centimeters in diameter, the island is perfectly self-sufficient in drinking water...This project, which required 11 months of work and a little more than 4.6 million euros of investments, was financed by the State, the Region and the Toulon Provence Méditerranée metropolis (and perhaps a little the taxpayers?) Up to 800 m3 of water per day will be able be served on the island. This is real health security, for this very touristy place... (france3)

Porquerolles Island

There are not only the smells of the countryside, cow dung and pancakes in life...

The story of the crepe that smelled too much like crepe in Brittany, a legal expert... who will also try to evaluate the smell of fried food... see you in a few weeks to find out the conclusions of the expertise

Nice. Because of the smell of onions, locals forbid him from making his pissaladière. The pissaladière fruit of discord.

Pissaladière, a culinary specialty of Nice...

But there are also smells from the open sea...

‘We smelled something awful’: the captain of a yacht accused of dumping faeces in Opunohu Bay (French Polynesia) explains. The yacht's captain insists that it was not excrement but an accidental leak of cooking oil mixed with sediment... Atures are fished daily in this bay... (francetvinfo)

Ature or Pêche-cavale : bigeye scad

Wouldn't ‘sediment’ be more like old fried food leftovers? If it's crap, it's not nice for the bay, and if it's old fried food, it's not nice for the clientele, especially the clientele of a ‘top of the range’ cruise.

This is the Yacht Hanse Explorer, and its kitchen... and here is the application to follow the trace of frying oils, or there.

And the prices, the toad will have difficulty affording a short week on board. And for fashionistas, they remain the appropriate outfits to wear aboard a yacht. And what are your boyfriends doing at the moment? They are relaxing on the Côte d'Azur. came for the Monaco Grand Prix, and...

They are disrupting fishing in the bay of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat (france3)

And a century ago, summer pleasures in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

...and with the frying oil, what do we do? Fries of course, moreover the Yacht Hanse Explorer would consider changing its route, in order to anchor in front of the marvelous Merville-Franceville beaches, renowned for the occasion Mouleville-Friteville.

...and it's not a Belgian story, although the Piron Brigade, a Belgian brigade, liberated the town 80 years ago.

Merville-Franceville or Mouleville-Friteville: the Municipality is going to lodge a complaint. A joke that has the town council laughing out loud...’. Even if our village is renowned for its humour and friendliness, public finances are no laughing matter! And frankly, with just a few days to go before the 80th D-Day commemorations, and the emotional impact this will have on the history of our village, our departments really do have other things to do than waste time on issues like this’ (actu.fr).

Coincidentally, 60 years ago, the local council won a case before the Conseil d'État over camping and tourism, with or without snack bar, the ‘moules-frites’ ?


And just for the record, Mouleville-Friteville in France is twinned with Heringsdorf, the German herring village! La Bignole is sure that the German municipality would appreciate receiving the contentious signs as a gift, especially as a municipality absorbed by herring (Heringdorf) was eel (Ahlbeck).

Heringsdorf, short version, in English, or long version, in German.

...and in terms of Franco-German gastronomy, a little bouillabaisse that isn't Breton (cf 25 May 1924), but Norman-Mecklenburg-Pomeranian-Western, made with mussels, herring and eel... served with chips!

And a few recipes for herring: An omelette with herring roe - Herring shells - Fresh herring à la Normande - Household caviar made with herring

 vignetteolivier paz                 vignetteHeringdorf                  vignetteolivier paz tip top20240530 4 

But let's return to the annoyance of the mayor and to Merville-Franceville, some residents of which are not satisfied with the municipality.

Ruts, mud and no lighting... in Merville-Franceville, a housing estate under constant construction... But, a little further inland, some residents don't really have the impression of being part of the postcard.... “The town hall is limited,” she explains, “because we are not at home. The subdivision belongs to Francelot”, specifically responsible for delivering the common areas. (leparisien.fr)

And finally nothing changes in a century, even the photos of the two housing estates look similar, same ruts, same mud

An interview with Mayor Olivier Paz, promoted to officer of the Legion of Honor: “When I heard the news, I had tears in my eyes.” (actu.fr)

Ultimately... this mayor who lacks humor is emotional, a good guy. Unfortunately, in addition to the lack of humor, he lacks empathy for his constituents...

 vignetteMérouville 20240530 5                 vignetteGosseville  

Nostalgia, A return to the roads of France...

Tour de France 2024: the "Laughing Cow" cars present in the caravan have been revealed... And if since 2010, the Cow signed by Benjamin Rabier had disappeared from the Tour de France, it returns in force this year, as well than in the women's Tour de France. Spectators are guaranteed to see it there at least until the 2026 editions. (actu.fr)

the laughing cow

Obituaries’ that people under the age of twenty couldn't possibly know... ‘

Alain Emery, the unforgettable interpreter of the little fisherman in Crin blanc, died at the age of 83 in Arles... Albert Lamorisse's film won the Palme d'Or for short films at the Cannes Film Festival the year it was released [1953]. It was a huge success all over the world, to the point of being named ‘the most beautiful children's film of all time’ by the New York Times.

An extract and the opportunity for another cinematic note reuniting Brassens, Fernandel and Ulysse, who would probably be less happy these days

Another popular heritage that is disappearing...

Threatened with closure, the Bagnolet scrap metal market is trying to resist in the face of "high-tech offices"... In Bagnolet (Seine-Saint-Denis) this popular institution, neighboring the Montreuil flea market, offers pell-mell tools, old furniture, a bric-a-brac of more or less old objects, with a certain charm... Inaugurated in 2023, the office building called Wonder Building... We exclude the people, the space belongs to the world of money. (actu.fr)

A new Zone to Defend in perspective?

And a little technology, high-tech of the near future and a change in vocabulary in perspective in accident reports: "I didn't turn the steering wheel enough" becomes "my electronic connections were not in their place ".

A rectangular steering wheel? Why does the announcement worry the Stellantis unions... “We are going to have a beautiful rectangular steering wheel, which will undoubtedly be very comfortable for driving. But in terms of its production, this will happen far from home..." "electric vehicles require almost four times fewer steel parts, but a higher proportion of electronic components"

And about electric vehicles

Explosion of an electric car parked near the house: “ours was not part of a recalled series”. (france3)

And to end with a literary smile, after the longest book to (re)discover and the shortest book in the world to guess...

"Madame Bovary in order": the most useless book in the world for reading or rereading Flaubert... ... there is only one "ass": it makes everyone laugh. Historians recall that in 1857, in a prudish society, the four "embraces" still earned Gustave Flaubert a trial...For ordinary mortals, Ambroise Perrin's book is barred, truly crazy. .

Madame Bovary, in disorder, to download.

For ordinary mortals? Does this mean that you have to be highly intelligent to appreciate Ambroise Perrin's book, or be part of a very closed circle of "intellectuals"? Or be very snobbish!

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