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les infos de La Bignole

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15  19 juin 1924  22


Page one - 14,000 varieties of roses were presented to Bagatelle, it's not that easy to get them.

Page two - Curiosity is at the Hôtel Drouot, Far Eastern art objects and the Pontremoli collection

Same page - Smoking in a church is frowned upon, but this has not always been the case.

Still page two - Fatal Bicycle, it could be the title of a film, but it is not a film.

Page three - The Sino-Russian agreement could well cause collateral damage

Same page - Japan's dissatisfaction with the USA does not mean diplomatic rupture.


Page one - The government resulting from the elections asks the Chambers for a measure of clemency and forgiveness.

Page three - The statements of the President of the Council are rather favorably commented on in Germany.

L'Écho de Paris

Page one - Everywhere, or almost everywhere, professional candidates, outgoing deputies or others, have failed.

La Presse

Page one - The President of the Republic is not married, who therefore will be the 1st lady.

Le Petit Parisien

Page one - Princess Ouroussof: We are lost in conjectures about the causes of this strange aggression that nothing justifies

Page two - What is fabulous is that man has managed to give... like the emotion of the heart to inert matter, to steel, to iron. Would you use the same language a hundred years later, Mr. Prax?

15 juin 1924 22 juin 1924